Welcome to the Morgan Three Wheeler Club Sporting Gallery. Most of our reports contain shots of the action as well as paddock photos. However we also welcome pictures from anyone who cares to submit them. We particularly want photos of Morgan Three Wheelers in action at overseas events, so please send some in with a few details to the website manager, just click here 

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Circuit Races     BHR Mallory Park – 15th/16th April
     VSCC Spring Start – Silverstone – 22nd/23rd April
   BHR Anglesey – 22nd/23rd July
Sprints    VSCC Curborough – 30th April
   MTWC – Pete Clews Memorial Sprint – Curborough 18th June
Hillclimbs    Loton Park – 16th April. MTWC Challenge Series Round 1
     Manx Classic – 27th/29th April
   Double event Wiscombe Park – 7th & 8th May
   La Vie En Bleu – Prescott – 27th & 28th May
   VSCC Shelsley Walsh 1st – 2nd July
Miscellaneous  VSCC Measham Rally 21st – 22nd January
   VSCC New Years Driving Tests – Brooklands 29th January
   Vintage Revival Montlhéry – 6th – 7th May
   Brooklands Double Twelve Driving Tests and Sprint
   Flywheel Festival at Bicester. 24th – 25th June
Circuit Races    Mallory Park 9th/10th April 
    VSCC Silverstone Sprint Start 23rd April
    VSCC Oulton and MTWC Challenge Series Round 2 – 21st May
    BHR Darley Moor – 22nd May
    BHR Cadwell 50th Anniversary 24 – 26 June. MTWC Challenge Series Rounds 5 & 6
    VSCC Cadwell Park 24th July
    BHR Mallory Park 28th/29th August. MTWC Challenge Series Final Round
    Schwanenstadt Oldtimer Grand Prix 17/18 September.
    VSCC Mallory – Bob Gerard Memorial Meeting 24th September
    BHR Cadwell Park 24th/25th September
    Zandvoort British Race Festival – 1st/2nd October
Sprints   VSCC Curborough – 1st May
    The Robin Rew Memorial Sprint and MTWC Challenge Series Round 4 – 5th June
    VSCC Goodwood Autumn Sprint – 22nd October
    VSCC Winter Driving Tests – 3rd December
Hillclimbs   Loton Park and MTWC Challenge Series Round 1 – 16th/17th April
    La Vie En Bleu – Prescott and MTWC Challenge Series Round 3 – 29th May
    VSCC Shelsley Walsh – 3rd July
    Chateau Impney 9th/10th July
    Classic Nostalgia – Shelsley Walsh 16th/17th July
    VSCC Prescott – 5th – 7th August
    VSCC Loton Park – 10th/11th September
Miscellaneous    Not The Night Trial 23rd April
Circuit Races Mallory Park – 11th/12th April. MTWC Challenge Series Round 1
VSCC Silverstone Spring Start – 18th April
HARC Zandvoort 2nd/3rd May
VSCC Cadwell – 7th June. MTWC Challenge Series Round 4
VMCC/BHR Darley Moor – 15th/16th August. MTWC Challenge Series Rounds 5 & 6
  VSCC Bob Gerard Memorial Meeting – Mallory Park – 22nd August
BHR Double Cadwell – 26th/27th September
VSCC Seaman Memorial Trophies Meeting – 27th September
Sprints VSCC Curborough – 3rd May
MTWC Club Sprint – Curborough. Challenge Series Round 7 – 23rd August
Hillclimbs Loton Park – 18th/19th April. MTWC Challenge Series Round 2
La Vie En Bleu – Prescott. 24th May. MTWC Challenge Series Round 3
VSCC Shelsley Walsh – 5th July
Chateau Impney Hill Climb – 11th/12th July
VSCC Prescott – 1st/2nd August
VSCC Loton Park – 12th/13th September
Miscellaneous MTWC Night Trial 25th – 26th April
Vintage Revival Montlhery. 9th/10th May
Circuit Races   Ty Croes – 12th April – VMCC 
Silverstone Spring Start – VSCC
Donington Historic Festival 3rd – 5th May 2014
Cadwell Park – 7th June- VSCC
Donington Park – 19th July – VSCC
Darley Moor – 26th July – VMCC
Angoulême – 19th – 21st September
Cadwell Park – 27/28 September – VMCC
Snetterton – 28th September – VSCC
Sprints    Curborough – 22nd June – MTWC Challenge Series Round 4
Brooklands – 14th July – Brooklands Double Twelve
VSCC Sprint at Santa Pod – 7th August
VSCC Goodwood Sprint – 25th October
Hillclimbs Loton Park – 21st April – MTWC Challenge Series Round 1
VSCC Wiscombe Down – 11th May
La Vie En Bleu Prescott – 25th May
  VSCC/MAC Shelsley Walsh – 6th July
MDMC Aske Hall – 19th July
VSCC Prescott – 2nd/3rd August
  Seebodenalp Hillclimb Switzerland 13th/14th August
Miscellaneous VSCC Winter Driving Tests – 6th December
2013 Events
Circuit Races Darley Moor 18th May – MTWC Challenge Series round 2
Cadwell Park 8th June – MTWC Challenge Series round 4
Mallory Park 21st July – VSCC
Mallory Park 25th Aug – MTWC Challenge Series Round 6
Sprints Curborough 23rd June – MTWC Sprint & Challenge Series Round 5
Hillclimbs Loton Park 13 April – MTWC Challenge Series Round 1
Prescott – La Vie En Bleu 1st June – MTWC Challenge Series Round 3
Prescott – VSCC 3rd / 4th August
Loton Park September 15th – VSCC
Klausenrennen Switzerland 27th – 29th September
Circuit Races  Donington Park. VMCC at Motors TV. 31 March (Gallery)
 VMCC Cadwell. 19 May
 VSCC Cadwell Park. MTWC Challenge Round 4. 9 June
 Morgan Sports Car Club Holland – Assen. July
 VMCC Darley Moor. 11/12 August
 Schwanenstadt, Austria. 15/16 September
 VSCC Castle Combe. 6 October
Sprints  MTWC Club Sprint Curborough. June
 VMCC Wroughton Sprint. August
Hillclimbs  La Vie en Bleu. MTWC Challenge at Prescott. 27 May
 Shelsley Walsh Vintage and PVT meeting 1 July
 VSCC Prescott. August
 VSCC Loton Park. September
Miscellaneous  Opening Run at Prescott. Video by Pickersleigh Productions

We’re beginning to uncover old films and reports from bygone sporting events. If you have any videos or memories about club sporting events, drop us an email: website@mtwc.co.uk.

click here Oulton Park – July 1965. Historic film footage plus report and results.