BHR Pembrey - 11th & 12th August

Bill and Hamish battle it out in the wet

BHR Pembrey - 11th & 12th August

BHR Pembrey – 11th & 12th August

Just two Morgans competed during this very wet weekend in Wales. Hamish Bibby and Bill Tuer battled the elements and the other competitors and the results show just how well they did.

From Steve Uprichard:

A very wet weekend with pissistent rain meant difficult driving conditions.

The two Morgans, driven by Hamish Bibby with passenger Mia Simons Weston and Bill Tuer with Maggie in the passenger seat, competed in four races over the weekend. They raced against outfits and Berkeleys and were triumphant in all the races.

Hamish and Bill swapped positions throughout the weekend and Bill gained fastest lap at 71.46 mph with Hamish just behind at 71.09 mph.