Zandvoort race festival

Eight Morgan Three Wheelers ventured to Zandvoort in 2016. Read all about it.

You’ll find more information and photos on the event website – click here.

From Machiel Kalf.

Dear Morgan friends,

From 1987 on we have seen Morgans racing at Zandvoort. Mostly 4 wheelers, sometimes 3 wheelers. If I remember it well, once we had 3 & 4 wheelers together at the track.

The 3 wheelers are a main-attraction if it comes to what the visitors love to see. The ladies & gentlemen in the black leather outfits and the magic machines. “Unbelievable” is the response if you tell the organisation that they are racing with a passenger!

This time the event was on the 1st and 2nd of October. From technical point of view not the best moment of the year. During the year some cars broke down. Of course the organisation understands that the costs for an event like this must be “interesting” for the participants. With that in my hand I contacted Competition Secretary Pete Clews at the beginning of the year. The BRF organisation was more than happy to see, again, the 3 wheelers on the track. So, Pete started his publicity the following months. At the end we had 8 three wheelers and 2 Frazer Nash cars on the track. OK, maybe not so many, but we were very pleased to see all of them in the paddock. The Morgan Sports Car Club Holland is very keen to give them the best possible support with coffee, tea, beer and other beverages. Of course, all for free.

It’s amazing what happens in the period before the event. For example: To keep the costs under control we received help from a supplier who organised 100 litre Methanol and 100 litre top quality petrol. The petrol is named; Ecomaxx. This has everything to do with the fact that this “stuff” is very good in the engine, gives more torque and is much better for the environment! On top of that you can keep it in stock for at least more than 2 years. Qualities you can’t expect from the modern “liquids” you can get at your local petrol station. Another special activity came from Ruth Ross. She went the week before “Zandvoort” with her FN and two other Frazer Nash drivers to Italy. For cars like that it’s a serious distance.  ( Click Here for a magazine article on Ruth’s heroic activities)    In Italy Ruth needed some help from real engineers in a local garage. When she came on her way to Holland, together with the two other cars and drivers, the car needed “more attention”. Closer to Zeebrugge the group split up. Ruth drove, on her own, through the Westerschelde tunnel (6.6 km long) to Middelburg. There she stayed during the night from Thursday till Friday morning. With the knowledge that there was “something wrong” with the FN she drove, slowly direction Zandvoort. No, not on the motorway!

She arrived safe and sound at Zandvoort. Steve Lister did an inspection when the car wasn’t that hot anymore. The result was that one of the four levers for the clutch was missing…….

So, Machiel, please, can you help me? Yes, of course!

On Friday evening the complete group with 1 extra MSCC Holland member on my side we had a delicious meal in the centre of the village (Zandvoort). Before we started our meals, we had a drink and a typical Dutch snack, called “Bitterbal”. Everybody loved it, so, why isn’t it for sale in The UK? The best pub snack you can get! Oh, yes, and easy to prepare!

During Saturday and Sunday we had 4 twenty minute sessions on the track. Three on Saturday and the last one on Sunday morning. Traditional before 12.00 pm! That offers the possibility that those people who have to go back to the UK, were on time for the ferry crossing(s). All the drivers/ passengers did a great job to give the best possible (race) show. Amazing how fast they drove on the straight. In the first session on Saturday morning Iain Stewart realised very soon, that one of the cylinders of his V-Twin was in “trouble”. One of the pistons was no longer doing a proper job and damaged the inside of the cylinder. A huge problem for one of the Frazer Nash drivers, Paul Baker. He was unlucky hill up at what we call The Hunzerug. He didn’t keep the car under control and ended his session against the guardrail. The front axle was “changed” from his original shape.  But, Paul promised me: next year you see me back!

Saturday evening the event organisation offered a free BBQ for the drivers and passengers, wives, friends etc. Overall: smiling faces! A VERY big thanks to Pete Clews! From our side we can our best, but without the help of Pete, and in the background his wife Sue, it isn’t possible to organise events like this. Pete, I make a big bow!!! THANKS!!

We hope to see you all back at Zandvoort in 2017.

Machiel Kalf.