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JAP LTOW or Matchless MX2 / MX4. (Even parts to convert my MX to OHV.)

I  Also need KTO heads and flywheels .  Would consider other options along these lines.

Mike Ognensis

Speedometer Cooper Stewart drum type

……for 2 speeder Super Sports Aero from around 1930.   I am also looking for a speedo cable. If you have any of these parts for sale please send me an email.

Frank Mejer, Denmark



Windscreen and hood frames for 1933 Sports 2 Seater

Has anyone got either a hood frame for sale or is there anyone in the Yorkshire area with one that I could look at with the view of making a copy as I do have parts of the original one. 
Harry Watson
Tel:  +44 (0)1924478828


JAP DTZ Timing Chest Cover

A DTZ timing chest cover with the bevel driven starting system and magneto platform————–I have for exchange the other type of cover which incorporates a starting handle tunnel, or I would be happy to purchase, if exchange is not appropriate.

Dave Pittuck

Tel.  +44 (0)1403 700658



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I’m looking for an F4. If someone wants to sell his F4 or knows someone, please email me

Michel Vock


 Three Wheeler Project

Anything considered.

Tel. +44 (0)7713 055069

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1933 Family Body Project

Comprises: 85% of new wood work. Remainder original or patterns. Hardware includes: Bonnet, Fuel tank complete with oil filter body. Steering column with drop arm, Radiator requiring rebuild, All new door furniture. Door hinges, Windscreen frame and glass, Windscreen side supports, Seat hinge parts Blank dash panel. The hood as pattern. Hood frame mounting – no frame but drawing and dimensions. Door hinges. Drawings for various other parts. Woodwork is only part glued for flat-back storage, Note no chassis or running gear.

Price £500.00

Trevor Seymour


Five Speeder Parts

This is a first!!!   The greater part of a written off 2013 model is for sale from a vehicle recycling company in Poole.  See their ebay advert at the link below.

(In this section rather than under Trade Adverts since it is something of a one-off).



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Can you help fellow club members?

If you have any special skills you want to share, email and we’ll
add your details to the website.



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Two Lathes For Sale

Take John Chatwin’s advice in the October Bulletin and get yourself a lathe!
2 Lathes for sale – both single phase, have been rebuilt and are in full working order, with comprehensive accessories (chucks, faceplates, fixed and travelling steadies etc) ideal for Morgan jobs!  Both lathes can be dismantled into heavy lumps for transportation so no need for special lifting gear.

Colchester Triumph (1938) – larger gap bed machine.  Very versatile if you have the room for it.  7″ swing and 48″ between centres, 8 speed, powered apron and screwcutting by changewheels.   2″ spindle bore and 3MT tailstock.  £950 ono
Boxford Model A (1956) – cabinet mounted, back drive 16-speed, with powered apron and Norton gearbox.  4.5″ swing and 24″ between centres.  Imperial and metric collet sets.  T-slotted cross slide.  More useful than a Myford  £1,250 ono
Please contact me for further details and dimensions, photos etc.  
I am only offering these for sale as I now have a Colchester Student to replace both machines and I need the workshop space for our Morgans!
Steve Hughes
Tel:  +44 (0)1772.453054



The 3 Wheeler – Book on 5 Speeders

A few copies of Peter Dron’s book on 5 speeders ‘The 3 Wheeler’ published in 2015 RRP £40.00 are available at my local bookshop at £15.00 + £5.00 P&P. 

Eric Eadon
Tel:  +44 (0)1709 379037


For Sale – Engineering Drawings / Plans

Engineering Drawing/plans of 1929 Morgan Aero Super Sports, , Drawing/plans of c1918/20 Morgan Grand Prix  Scale 1/8th full size  –  Size 1005mmX664mm app. Cost £10 ea.  PLUS P&P £6 (rolled in tube) or £2 (folded)

Drawing/plans of JAP engine c1918 980cc KTW Scale 1/4 full size – Size 406mm X 268mm. £4 ea.  PLUS P&P £3.50 (rolled in tube)   or £2 (folded) These are copies of the original drawings by Terry Phelps who owned these Mogs in the 1960/70s  (See Sample below)

Terry Phelps
Tel:  +44 (0)1225 723158





by Terry Wright

Published on 2nd November 2015:

Researched across Europe, written and designed in Sydney and finally printed and distributed in Suffolk,  Power Without Glory: Racing the Big-twin Cooper by MTWC member Terry Wright has just been published. Naturally Shelsley Walsh features strongly in the story told.
Terry says the book revisits the origins of the modern racing car whose pedigree he traces back to dirt track cars in America, cyclecars in Europe and the record breaking motorcycles of Britain. It shows how these influenced the first Coopers and how they went on to win the drivers’ and constructors’ world titles in 1959 and 1960.

It seems like an essential read for anyone interested in historic motorsport and the history of motorsport. For more information and to buy with a credit card just go straight to


Robin Rew JAP Book Front Cover smallby Robin Rew

The story of a great partnership.    “A must-have book” – Nick Taylor

Hardback £65.00
Softback £45.00 – plus £5.00 P&P.

Cheques (payable to Dominic Rew) and enquiries to: 

Dominic Rew
9 Hall Close


Watts Hints&Tips-front

by Brian Watts

Over 200 technical items collected over the past 60 years which are not available elsewhere. Save money and solve problems.

Post free UK £6.00 and abroad £9.00 or 10 euros.

Brian Watts.
12 Fraser Close, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0TD, UK.


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Adrian Watts
Chelmsford, GB


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