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For Sale:
1949 F4. (See picture) Extensive MTWC history and regular night trial entrant. E93a 10hp engine rebuilt about 5000 miles ago with re ground crank, new rods, shell bearings and pistons, rebore, valves ground etc. Gearbox rebuilt by PTB and trunnions rebushed. New worm, wheel and cross shaft. Electronic fuel pump and SU carb fitted for better reliability and smoother running. Lots of spares including a complete engine. Bodywork, roof and interior all original and therefore with plenty of patina. This car was featured (but not crashed or rolled) on Top gear and comes with photos of JC driving. Comes with buff logbook and V5C. A great, reliable car to drive. £12,500 firm. Collection from Sussex.
Contact [email protected] or 07988 955624.
Mem No 7870

F4 half steering wheel. Is there anyone out there who has an ex 4 spoke half steering wheel for sale to fit my 1934 F4 (re-bodied as F2). The keyway position on my current full sized 4 spoke wheel is at 9 o’clock in wheels straight ahead position. I don’t want to cut the existing wheel and it is sacrilege to get a genuine wheel and cut it down. I can always cut a new keyway position should it be necessary. Back in 1968 as a 16-year-old my 1936 F2 had a cut down wheel that made entry and exit much easier.

Jon Kingswood

Phone: 01454 294820 Email: [email protected] 

Mem No 4648


Wanted: I’ve just rebuilt my Big Port side valve JAP engine but the pistons come nowhere near the top of the bores. I must have fitted the wrong crank or rods. Can anyone help with correct items please.

Mike Farrell

01832 274418 or [email protected]

mem No 8626

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For Sale:

New Morgan Super Sports dummy radiator in nickel silver (see Picture) £500.00 o.n.o 07747591368

Paul Spivey Mem No 4551


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