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To advertise in The Bulletin, contact: Doug Forbes on 01458 841418, or email him [email protected]

To advertise on the website only, send the details to [email protected].  Members adverts from the Bulletin will also be included in this section and these will be published shortly after the day the Bulletin arrives in the post in the UK (and published on the website) provided the advertiser is willing.   

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Can any member, please, look into their stock of body parts to see if they have any “Family Four” WINDSCREEN FRAMES or any bits of channel that they have used to make the windscreen frames out of. It doesn’t matter if it is damaged or cut about. Pail Scholes Mem No 10298 Phone 02476 457593 or write 66 Brandon Road, Binley, Coventry CV3-2JF

I am in the process of getting my 1928 Super Sport Aero (2 speeder) on the road. Desperately looking for anything Speedo related . Even knackered for patterns would help. Drive. Pick-up. Clock. etc.
Rob Clarke.
Email    [email protected].  
Mobile 07845740247



Cars Wanted 

Nothing at the moment!

Parts For Sale


For Sale:

 F type cross-shaft in nice condition £175. 1930`S AA GB sign to put on the back of your car £20. [email protected]


For Sale: Due to moving house I have to clear the following quickly:

  • Colchester-Master Lathe, single phase with a full set of chucks, face plates, and collets. £1200 o.n.o.

  • The following open to negotiation on Price:
    • M type rear end assembly,
    • 1920s KT small port engine kit
    • 1923 KT bottom end
    • Cone clutch for JAP
    • Bosch 50 deg magneto
    • Part dissembled super-sports radiator
    • Ford 8 hp engine
    • Plus other F type engine spares
    • F super bonnet
    • BSA 8″ front brake assembly

Colin Harris Mobile: 0775 1371503
email: [email protected]






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Can any member, or contact of a member, see if they have an industrial Catalogue or picture or book with details of a J.A.P. Model No. 3 Stationary Engine (they are about 150 to 200cc) or even a Complete engine or parts in good order to assist me in repairing mine. On my engine the aluminium Rocker Cover covers the flywheel as well is broken away. Please. Paul Scholes Mem No 10298Telephone 02476457593 or write 66 Brandon Road, Binley, Coventry, CV3 2JF




For Sale:

For Sale: I have 23  different vintage copies of the Bulletin. They are dated as follows. 1 copy    June 1965, 1 copy    October 1963, 3 copies  August  – October 1967, 7 copies  February – August 1968, 3 copies  October 1968 – December 1968, 8 copies  January 1969  – August 1969.  The magazines are all intact and in reasonable condition. Most have been folded (to be placed in the ex-owners pocket) and this has left mild vertical creases along their paper covers. Offers to Lee Beth [email protected]




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