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To advertise in The Bulletin, contact: Doug Forbes on 01458 841418, or email him [email protected]

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I’m needing the Bracket that secures the Steering Column to the body/bulkhead on a Super Sport Aero. I’m told it is Z shaped and bolts between the Steering Box and the Bulkhead .

 Rob Clarke.   [email protected]


 Magneto Half Drive Gear for K.T. Jap

Denis Cronin
Membership No. 6426
Please email my daughter. 



Wanted: I need either the top part of an F Type steering column with the cover and gear wheel, or a complete column.. I have the lower section with its housing and the outer cyclic gear. This is to help the rebuild of BGO 6. Phone Rhys Nolan 07 401 703 750 Mem No 11730



Elva OHIV Cylinder Head for Ford 100E engine. Preferably complete with valves, springs, rockers etc but just a bare head would be helpful.   Please phone Steve Lister on 01629 650933.   Mem No 5078

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I have a bronze worm wheel in very good condition marked with the H-W and Holfor markings which doesn’t match my worm, so if someone has a need and I can have some funds towards the club wheel I would be happy. Rhys Nolan 07 401 703 750 Mem No 11730





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