BHR Mallory Park - 15th-16th Aprildennis r 11

BHR Mallory Park – 15th/16th April

Bitterly cold and a depleted field. Tuer and Bibby battle it out.

From Steve Uprichard

Just 4 Morgans competed at this event which unfortunately clashed with a round of the MTWC Challenge Series.

Bill Tuer and Hamish Bibby were driving 8/80 powered cars (Hamish’s engine has just been rebuilt), Chas. Reynolds was competing with his DTZ-derived engine which unfortunately mis-behaved. Dave Poplar came up from Somerset to drive his F-Type. Club Member Danny Hodgson was campaigning the Buckland and Rob Pike took to the grid on a BMW outfit.

Hamish had problems with a sticking throttle slide and on Sunday, had a coming-together with an outfit which had spun in front of him. Both the Morgan and the outfit suffered some damage and the outfit rider was slightly injured.

On Saturday, Bill finished 2nd to the rapid MRE 950 outfit. Bill’s fastest lap was just under 82mph. Chas. was 11th and Dave Poplar 13th.

On Sunday, Chas. was competing at Loton Park (he travelled home from Mallory, swapped engines overnight and then drove to Loton!). Bill finished in 2nd again with Hamish in 3rd. Hamish bagged fastest lap of the race at 80.19mph.