Shelsley Walsh Vintage and PVT Meeting July

Sunday 1st July 2012 saw the ever-popular annual MAC Vintage meeting in association with the Vintage Sports Car Club which is a special draw for lovers of Vintage racing cars the world over. It featured cars that have been competing at Shelsley Walsh since they were first built just after the First World War up to the Second War and beyond. 

There were just two MTWC members competing. Mike Sythes in his road going Super Aero and Alistair Rew in his 200 Mile racer. Shelsley’s a real power hill best suited to the racing class.

Alistair recorded a best time of 39.52 seconds, crossing the line at 73 mph. Mike was more sedate, with a time of 46.31 secs, crossing the line at 63 mph.

Here are a few photos from Dennis Rushton. To view the photo gallery, click on any of the photos to bring up a larger version. You can scroll forwards and backwards using the [,] and [.] keys. Press [ESC] or click on the image to Exit.