VSCC Curborough - 6th May 2018

VSCC Curborough – 6th May 2018

Round 1 of the 2018 Speed Championship was held at Curborough near Lichfield. Only one Morgan Three Wheeler competed although three four wheeled cousins in the shape of Grannie, the RIP Special and Salome were being campaigned alongside. Jim Edwards first outing in the ex-Soames Super Aero provided him with some excitement, if not trophies.

Jim has been loaned the Soames car for around 2 years. A deal along the lines of – ‘you get it going again and you can use it’. To quote Jim ‘So far so good! The many hours spannering over the last 6 months must have done some good.’

Jim Edwards’ account of the day:

The season opening VSCC sprint at Curborough was blessed with splendid weather. With a full capacity entry, it was set for an exciting meeting. I was on my lonesome in the three wheeler camp with the Soames Super Aero. This car has been recently loaned to me after spending the last 32 years off the road. I have carried out a winter re-commission which now sees it ready for road and track use once again! 

The Morgan had performed brilliantly on the morning drive up to the sprint course from a friends house in Leicestershire. Entered in class 13 – pre 1941 racing cars up to 1100cc, I knew competition would be stiff. With this in mind and in consideration of me using a new car which doesn’t belong to me… I gradually built up my confidence. With cornering speeds much greater than what I am used to with my Family Morgan, the two wheeled tendencies were soon realised! Not deterred by its leg cocking and with my bravery increasing, my times improved each run, my best being 49.70 seconds. However, still some learning to do yet about how to get more from the car. The run back to where my trailer was parked in Leicestershire again was most enjoyable, so overall about 80 road miles and a day sprinting without trouble must be a good starting point! 

There were three four wheeled Morgan based specials taking part. Gary Clare had Grannie out with its Morgan front end and JTOR managing to achieve a very respectable 41.95 seconds. Hannah Enticknap was out in Salome having sorted some running issues last experienced at Goodwood back in March. With some tidy driving she came close to breaking the 40 second barrier with a best time of 40.25 seconds. Lastly, Charlie Martin piloting the RIP special, driving with his usual panache and not breaking any camshafts this year, finished with a quick time of 38.35 seconds. Not beating his own class record but still taking the FTD young driver honours. 

Also big thanks to young Morgan man Angus Frost for being my starter motor all weekend…