Around the Houses with Mike Ognenis

June 2019

Mike O 2

Australian club member Mike Ognenis has resurrected Clarrie Coombes’  J.A.P. engined Barrel Back Morgan and recently enjoyed a sporting weekend in Albany, Western Australia.

Mike O 1The Morgan has lived in Australia for many years, initially with John Coombes in Melbourne and later in Perth which is where Mike found it in February 2019.

Mike’s spent a lot of time fettling the car and “getting it out of mothballs” and his weekend of fun is the result. The event was the Albany Classic – Around the Houses which is part of the Western Australia Regularity Championship. Click here for more info.


Mike had a great time and is now getting used to using his Morgan – quite a change from his Messerschmitt and Isetta three wheelers!

There’s a great video of “Around the Houses”. You’ll see Mike a couple of times starting about 1 min 30 secs in (we’ve started the video just before Mike’s entry on – we think – 2 wheels).