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Round 2 of The Morgan Three Wheeler Club’s Challenge Series was held on the second day of this wonderful event. Weather on the Saturday was wet, very wet. Luckily, the clouds cleared and Sunday finished on a gloriously sunny note.

No fewer than 17 Morgan Three Wheelers entered the event. Newcomers to our racing scene included husband and wife teams Nigel and Sarah Challis in the super-low ex-Guy Shotton 8/80 racer and Graham and Dawn Sherwood in a road going five speeder. Graham and Dawn drove the round trip from Northwich, 225 miles or so, to compete.

Not just a hill-climb. Lots and lots of things to see with displays of Bugattis, Amilcars, Delages etc. etc. Gout or no gout, Steve Lister hobbled at great speed to watch the can-can dancers as soon as Offenbach’s famous tune was heard filtering through the noise of engines warming up.

Hamish Bibby took the honours by over 1.5 seconds. Mark Reeves, Chas Reynolds and Greg Bibby and Ewan Cameron were separated by a mere half second. Not everyone had a perfect day. Alistair Rew came blistering round Orchard on his first timed run, lifted off and lost power. The damage was terminal although not diagnosed at the meeting. Nigel Challis lost the use of one carburettor when the nipple parted company with the rest of the cable. Paddock pals rallied and the car was ready for the second run. Chas Pilbeam ran on three cylinders on his first run. Dried the distributor cap and added another cylinder for his second attempt. Mark Reeves had a significant “wheel-up” which slowed his first run. On the other hand, Chas Reynolds had a big “wheel-up” at Pardon on his first run but it still proved to be the quicker of his two timed runs. Two speeders are rather handicapped at Prescott. Even so, Sue Darbyshire was 6th fastest overall.

Steve Morris, Managing Director of the Morgan Motor Company had been at All Morgans Day at Waddesdon Manor but managed to get to Prescott for the final runs. It was good to see him there.

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The Photos:

Most photos from Dennis Rushton with a couple of non-action snaps from Steve Uprichard. To view the photo gallery, click on any of the photos to bring up a larger version. You can scroll forwards and backwards clicking on “Next” and “Prev”. Press [ESC] or click on the image to Exit.

La Vie En Bleu Prescott 25th May 2014





The Videos:

  • Hamish Bibby and Paula Heaney – 2nd Practice Run, click on Logo: YouTube 
  • Rob and Georgie Pike Super Aero
    • Run 1, click on Logo: YouTube
    • Run 2, click on Logo: YouTube
  • Mark Reeves Five Speeder, click on Logo: YouTube


The Results:

Please note that these are the provisional results on the day. Not all entrants were entered or eligible for the MTWC Challenge Series or the Thursday trophies. Full results for these will be posted as soon a possible. Challenge Series competitors are highlighted in yellow.

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