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Another Montlhery Vintage Revival has been and gone. Plenty of club members and their Morgans made the trip across the channel. Others came from across Europe.

We hope to have more pictures and words over the next few days.

Some words from Ian Haynes:

[A few UK members were thwarted when their ferry was cancelled. The alternative didn’t cater for cars and trailers. They returned home]….

“I think that the ferry they were heading to was cancelled for some reason and they were offered an alternative from a different port, but it sounded like they discovered late that the alternative ferry didn’t take trailers…or something like that. Trevor Gill and James Gill went the same way and solved the problem by abandoning the towing vehicles, driving the Morgan the rest of the way.

Roy Summerscales attended in his Vauxhall – he had a similar problem arriving at a different port giving him a lot more mileage to cover (at 40 mph or whatever it is). Roy and Angela just got on with it though as they do…and they were camping! They really are an inspiration.

One of the things that struck us was the indomitable spirit of certain of our older members – Gordon Naisby in particular driving from Guildford, thrashing the car round the track (despite clutch problems and a failed alternator) and then merrily setting off back I think is fantastic. Morgans are definitely the thing for maintaining your spirit of adventure to a ripe old age! 

Gordon was driving with his new foot throttle (my castings) – he spoke very highly of it! I asked how he managed for space in the already crowded footwell. No problem he told me – he had resurrected a pair of “winkle picker shoes” bought for a wedding in days gone by. I think at the next run we go on we should have a look at the drivers footwear – whilst a well-polished pair of shoes says a lot about character, if they are “winkle pickers” you know that they are using a foot throttle. Sherlock Holmes probably would have deduced this!”

The Photos… more coming soon:

Many thanks to Ian Haynes, Ruth Ross and Mike Guess for sending the photos.

Montlhery Vintage Revival 2015

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The Video:

Rob Gill took this video on the first lap as a passenger in dad Trevor’s MX2 Super Sports. Not the fastest on the circuit but then camera cars never are. Trevor’s other son James can be seen blasting past in his red Beetleback Super Sports. On the next lap his float chamber came adrift….. 

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