Chateau Impney 2018

Chateau Impney Hill Climb 7th – 8th July 2018

Motorsport returned to the Chateau Impney Hill Climb. Over 200 competitors battled it out in an effort to write their names in a new chapter of the chateau’s motorsport history by challenging one of the UK’s most unique courses. No fewer than 9 Morgan Three Wheelers were invited to take part plus a Darmont, driven by Duncan Wood.

No fewer than ten Three Wheelers were invited to this prestigious event. Nine of them were Morgans, the other a French Darmont. They were entered across four classes ranging from ” Pre 1940 Standard and Modified Sports Cars Unsupercharged up to 1500cc” through to ” Pre 1940 Racing Cars over 1100cc and up to 1500cc”. In alphabetical order, the competitors were:

  • Greg Bibby
  • Nigel Challis 
  • Tracey Cameron (in Sue Darbyshire’s black Super Aero)
  • Sue Darbyshire
  • Kurt Engelhorn (driving the Hale Morgan)
  • Pete Enticknap
  • David Roberts (who works for Ewan Cameron, driving Christian Pederson’s new Mog)
  • Iain Stewart
  • Bill Tuer

Nigel Challis reported: “… it was a fantastic event, in my view the best yet. It runs a bit slow but is very sociable as a result – my runs were all pleasing with the exception of the last when the rear carburettor jet block loosened off and methanol spewed out leaving a Morgan ‘500’ to climb the hill”.

We’ve also got a few words from Sue Darbyshire: “It was a stonking weekend, fabulous weather, marvellous mix of eclectic cars, and some great driving on a really tricky little course. No fewerthan 10 Morgan three wheelers, spread through lost of classes and lots of V twin engines in four wheels as well. Bill Tuer was, as expected, the fastest of the Morgans and I was delighted to be the second fastest in some very prestigious company.”

And from Iain Stewart: “Chateau Impney 2018 was brilliant fun. Following the damage to my engine at VSCC Oulton Park (burst crankcase) and the rear main-shaft damage at BOC Prescott a week later. My replacement engine was finally completed just a few hours before arriving at Chateau Impney. After my car’s success last year (on petrol) with 47.60 sec, I was looking forward to a blistering run this year (on methanol). But my first timed run only produced a 49.69 sec. My second run felt good until I changed gear and accidentally caught my brake pedal along with the clutch. That was probably the best that my brakes had worked all weekend. This left foot braking error resulted in a time of 49.71 sec. By now – everybody was cheering for Hannah Enticknap who was leading the class in Salome with a brilliant time of 46.66 sec. She was then just pipped by Nicholas Topliss in the ERA with his time of 46.00.