Loton Park - Sunday 16th April

Loton Park – April 2017

This two day event was organised by the Hagley & District Light Car Club. A great event with a variety of entrants, from motor bikes to single seater racing cars. The event was chosen for two rounds of the MTWC Challenge Series.

From Steve Uprichard

This year’s event was spread over two days and each day was a separate MTWC Challenge Round. The event clashed with BHR Mallory which meant that entries were down on previous years. The weather forecast for Sunday was grim, with lots of rain. The reality was quite different and although the weather was cold, it stayed dry for all the runs. Practice was limited to one run because of a serious accident early in the morning but all competitors managed two competitive runs. Most of the times were down on last year’s event. Times shown below are for Sunday’s runs.

Runners and riders. Lots of seat-swapping so that competitors could share cars and passengers. In no particular order:

Steve Lister entered his 1927 Blackburne Aero, passengered by Ruth Ross. As expected, the car didn’t set the tarmac alight but it was good to see Steve on the hill. Although progress was sedate, Steve came away winning the Standard Class, helped by the fact that he was the only entry. Steve’s best time was 90.19 secs.

Cathy Quinn drove her newly acquired Matchless engine two speeder (thanks Dad!), passengered by Tom Cowley. The couple swapped seats and Tom took the wheel. Cathy’s best time was 80.89 secs. Tom managed 72.71 secs.

Iain Stewart had a change of tactics, carrying Jim Edwards as passenger rather than carrying ballast. 71.89 was Iain’s fastest time, 3 seconds slower than last year.

Jim Edwards jumped from two speeder to five speeder and swapped the passenger seat for the driving seat in John Scruton’s car when he achieved 77.42 secs. Jim saved his best run until Monday when he beat John Scruton by almost a second.

Chas. Reynolds had competed at Mallory the previous day but had engine problems. He went home, swapped to his spare engine overnight and arrived at Loton bright and cheerful(?). Unfortunately, he was dogged by a misfire all day which obviously slowed him down. Chas was passengered by Hannah Enticknap who acted in an advisory capacity with the misfire maladies. Despite these maladies, Chas. managed 70.41, but a full 2 seconds slower than last year.

Phil Bridge and Becky Washington shared Pete Clews F-Type racer. Phil managed 77.16 secs. on his fastest run.

Austin Smith had a great day in his five speeder, breaking 70 secs for the first time. The sight of Austin dancing for joy was something to behold! Austin was, as usual, passengered by Julia Perry. Early in the day, Austin was chatting to new member, Nigel Clay and giving him tips on the vagaries of five speeders. Austin’s best time was 69.73 secs

Tony Pearson was back in his F-Type for the weekend, passengered by Charlene. His new V-Twin racer will be developed over the season. Tony’s best time on Sunday was 83.83 secs.

John Scruton was out in his five speeder, passengered by wife Jackie. 76.29 secs. was John’s fastest run.

Tony Quinn campaigned his shiny Touring Mod. Three speeder, passengered by his good lady, Lily. The new paint job has transformed the looks of the car if not the performance. His best time on Sunday was 77.55 secs.

Alistair Rew was driving his 1928 flat-sided Aero and was the only competitor to carry ballast. Alistair’s first run was the faster of the two at 70.44 secs.