M3W Problems including Quick Release Steering Wheel

Our November magazine will carry an article about problems with the new Quick Release Steering Wheel on the M3W.

We think it’s important to bring these problems to your attention so just click here to read the article.

There’s an associated YouTube video which you’ll find when you click here.

The club’s M3W 5 Speeder Liaison Officer has also compiled a note about recalls issued by the company and letter text from the company. Read them here:


5 Speeder Recalls for Chassis and Brake Failure.     Ian Brett

Morgan has acknowledged two serious safety issues that were brought to the attention of MMC and reported on the Talk Morgan forum and in the Bulletin some months ago, by putting a recall notice on the Talk Morgan Forum. As many 5 Speeder owners do not monitor this valuable source of information, it is reprinted below. As things stand at the time of writing no letters or emails have been sent to owners asking them to get their vehicles checked, as normally happens with a recall.

Not all 5 Speeders require these checks, only early cars with pre 2014 specification chassis and/or cars with the laser cut “M3W” pedal boxes.

The chassis problem was covered in an article in the August 2018 Bulletin. The rectification for cracks is a welded strengthening bracket done by Morgan FOC. The brake pedal failure fix consists of a link bracket that makes the current critical brake linkage a fail-safe set up. There is a weld that needs inspecting and fitment of the bracket is subject to the condition of this I believe. I would insist on the bracket being fitted if it was my car, no matter what the condition of the weld is. A brake pedal linkage like this needs to be fail-safe by design.  Again, a dealer should carry this work out FOC.

I would insist that these inspections and any work are recorded in the service record. This may well be useful if there are problems in the future or if you sell the car.


A message for 3 Wheeler owners from The Morgan Motor Company

Dear Morgan 3 Wheeler owner, 

Morgan Motor Company carries out ongoing monitoring and development of its model range. As a result of this programme it has been recognised that there is a potential cause for warranty affecting ‘new’ Morgan 3 Wheelers manufactured up to December 2014.

Chassis: If your vehicle was manufactured between 2010 and 2014 it may be due to have a chassis modification which will eliminate any signs of fatigue. Any inspection or subsequent modification will be carried out at no cost. Morgan 3 Wheeler models manufactured after 2014 are unaffected. 

Brake pedal Assembly: We are aware of potential, safety related, remedial work being required to the brake pedal on Morgan 3 Wheelers manufactured between 2011 and June 2013. This affects some vehicles with M3W laser cut into the pedal arm. Morgan wish to have the pedal assembly inspected by an official Morgan Dealer. Your vehicle may require a modification to the pedal assembly and this will be carried out free of charge. Vehicles without the logo on the pedal require no further action. 

If you own a 3 Wheeler manufactured between 2010 and December 2014, we would encourage you to make yourself known to your Morgan Dealership or the Morgan Motor Company to enable us to arrange to carry out any necessary work. If you have already heard from the Morgan Motor Company or your Morgan Dealership, please ignore this message.

If you have any further questions regarding these inspections, please contact Morgan Aftersales directly via e-mail to [email protected]

Yours Sincerely,

Morgan Motor Company