Holly Run 2020

  Dave Anscombe has let us know that he is intending (government restrictions permitting) to hold the customary Holly Run on Sunday, 13th December 2020 – see poster below. Further information from Dave as follows: “As this is essentially a socially-distanced event, I hope that even those of you who are being understandably cautious about […]

November Bulletin’s arrived

Your November Bulletin is now online Ooops, the virus is on the march again so you’re going to need something to read! This month we’ve got the usual blend of official Club reports and announcements, historical, technical, other reports and what I can only call confessions (from Jim Baker. We’ve all done it but he […]

Zoom! AGM Meeting 2020.

In a historic first for the club, with the help of modern technology, this year’s AGM was held on Zoom. Although a different take on it,  this allowed many members from both the UK and Overseas to participate, watch and listen for the first time. If you are one of the members that didn’t see […]

Updates to the Digital Library

The Club’s Librarian has been busy again. Not only has he scanned and cleaned 1400 library photos which are being uploaded to the website. He’s also been scanning more documents for our digital library. Club members who are registered on the website can log in and browse our extensive library: Among these is Maskells instruction […]

Cowley Restorations Have Moved

COWLEY RESTORATIONS Cowley Restorations have moved to Shepherds Folly and so the postal address and workshop are one and the same. The service and workmanship will remain just as good as ever of course! Click on the advert for more information:

Situation Vacant – South West Group Organiser

    The South West Group Organiser of the Morgan Three Wheeler Club, John Peat, is retiring after two years at the helm. In John’s words: “As from the beginning of November the South West area of the MTWC needs a new Group Organiser. Friendly help and support always available.” The South West Group is […]

MTWC Three Counties Tour

The Three Counties Tour took place from 31st August to 7th September. Starting with a get together for two nights at The Frogmill Inn near Cheltenham, 16 of us, 8 couples, in 8 Morgan Three Wheelers enjoyed a Cotswold Tour led by Colin and Carole Duggan.   On Wednesday 2nd September the group moved on to […]

Tony Birks Handbooks

Long-time club member Tony Birks wrote the V-Twin Handbook which is available from Regalia and is going for yet another reprint. A very comprehensive book which has been reviewed and acclaimed in The Bulletin. Click for details.  Tony has also written an F Type handbook which is available direct from him at £7.00 including UK […]

Exciting new addition to the website

1400 original Photos New and exciting addition to the Web site of around 1400 original pictures dating from the 1900s to the 1960s. These have been scanned, collated and catalogued by the Club’s Librarian, Peter Thompson, giving us a unique view of how these cars both looked and were used throughout this period in history. They […]

M3Ws tour Devon

Anyone who saw the weather forecast for Friday 21st August would have expected to get wet. The resulting day was quite remarkable in that we had lots of rain but never where we were, the Parkinson weather magic worked again ! A group of enthusiastic Three Wheeler owners gathered at Moto services J 27 off […]

Madresfield, Event Cancellation

I am very sorry to have to inform you that, with much regret, it has been decided to postpone the planned Madresfield event and reschedule it for next year.   This is due to continuing uncertainty about whether many aspects of the event will be permissible while the current pandemic is still active.   At […]

MORGAN THREE WHEELER, North Devon day tour

On Friday 21st August we have planned a day out in North Devon. The ideal chance to meet some serious Morgan owners and users. Meeting at 10.00 am at Moto Services Sampford Peverell, near Tiverton. This is Junction 27 off the M5 and the services are at the top of the junction by the roundabout. […]

F2 in August 22nd Auction

New Member John Robert McClements has asked us to publicise the sale of his father’s 1939 F2 at Matthewsons Auctions The sale is behind closed doors so you have to bid by phone or online. The guide price looks very high, but if you want a challenging project, it might be worth a look. If […]

Salopian Ascents – spaces available

  SALOPIAN ASCENTS – Thursday 10th September   UPDATE – See event below.     Unfortunately, two of the four Morgan entrants for the Salopian Hillclimb Ascents I mentioned in a previous message have had to pull out so the organisers are keen to recruit other Morganists to take their places.  I understand Morgan quadrupeds as […]

The August Bulletin is now online and waiting!

Its here again, that time in the month when enthusiasm is re-kindled again so download it now. Usually I go on a bit about all the wonderful content – and this month is full of that – but the only thing I would say is in relation to Chris Booth’s article on the Beart Special, […]

Fancy borrowing a brand new Blackburne engine?

The New Blackburne Engine. Some of you may have already seen the video of the engine (see blackburneengines.com) and are wondered what the hell is that, so to shine some light on the project. Here’s the story so far. “I have been the owner and keen enthusiast of vintage motorcycles for many years but have […]

Morgan 3-Wheeler A Buyer’s Guide

  If you are thinking about buying a modern morgan three wheeler (5-speeder), M3W owner and MTWC member Andrew Warren has now produced a buyers’ guide to help you. Written with advice and help from other owners, It is now available to read on the website’s new 5-speeder page  https://www.mtwc.co.uk/news-post/   The M3W 5-speeder was […]

Mogmatch needs YOU! Buy borrow, sell affordably or lend – read on

Mogmatch Update Since its initiation, Mogmatch has helped to find temporary or permanent new homes for several Morgans. Pleasingly, the majority have gone to younger members, thus helping to secure the future of the Club. Some were restoration projects and all the sales have been at very affordable prices. I’m pleased that members are continuing […]

Time for a run out in Herefordshire?

1)   Herefordshire Compass Ride 5th July to 30th August  From Dave Anscombe Geoff McGladdery of the VMCC has been in touch and provided me with details of an opportunity to enjoy a drive in your Morgan in a suitably socially distanced way.   ‘Yesterday should have marked the 5th running of Herefordshire on the Edge […]

Virtual all morgans day

Quite a few Morgan Three-Wheeler members were planning on attending the sixth bi-annual All Morgans Day this summer. The event, in support of veterans suffering with mental health problems, had to be cancelled this year, for obvious reasons, but you can still take part virtually by uploading pictures of your morgan to their website. Just click on the […]

The Trans-India Challenge. Back Home!

Club Members Alan and Pat Braithwaite took on the challenge of driving 3500 miles across India (the wide bit!) and back, to raise funds for an Indian NGO: Goonj. They made it in their 5  Speeder TRlO MMC and got back to the UK in mid-March; just in time to join in the lockdown! We’ve […]

A ‘new’ car up and running

Club member Rob Davies has recently been restoring a 1934 Sports and his car is now up and running! Rob has been sharing some videos of the latter part of the rebuild on Talk Morgan – see the links below to have a look.  Also included is an interesting video of Colin Wilson talking about buying his […]

The IOM Experience and Virtual Meet

IOM Event Organiser Ian Parkinson writes:   On Thursday 21st May around 45 Morgan Three Wheelers Old and New would have been arriving in Liverpool for an overnight stay prior to sailing to Douglas on Friday morning for a week on the Isle of Man. Like many other events Covid 19 put paid to that. […]

The REAL Anorak Quiz

This quiz is intended to plumb the depths of your abstruse motoring knowledge. I constructed much of it from memory as a means of relieving the tedium of a series of long motorway journeys (which may show something of the sort of mind I have). I don’t expect many people to score very highly and […]

COVID-19 and the Competition Scene

As everyone knows, the competition scene is closed for the time being. We’ve received news from our Competition Secretary, Tony Pearson of the latest information from the ACU. Although there may be a limited return to motor sport, no spectators will be allowed at circuits or venues for the foreseeable future. Remember too that our […]

A couple of good reads

As I’m sure most of you are aware sadly Sir Stirling Moss recently passed away. Whilst looking in one of the old bulletins, I came across this article about his involvement with a Morgan three-wheeler at the beginning of his driving career and thought It might make some interesting reading. The Morgan 5-speeder liaison officer […]

Raising a Glass to the Fallen – VE Day Celebrations 2020

A super photo from Graham and Kathy Slater. Sent to us by the Bulletin Editor. “Raising a glass to the fallen and veterans on the 75th Anniversary of VE day.”    

Andy Perry-Keene

From Dave Anscombe: I regret to inform you of the sad news that Andy Perry-Keene has died. Having had his first Mog at 16, he was a long-time stalwart of the MTWC and, in latter years, the Stourbridge Pre-War Car Club. His family have asked if it would be possible for Morgan three-wheeler/s to lead […]

The Morgan Simulator

  I have discovered that my suggestion for a Morgan simulator wasn’t a new idea.  The attached was published in the Bulletin in 1968. With the possible addition of a modern video screen, this could provide an even more realistic experience. A possible project during lockdown? Best wishes,       Dave Anscombe

Albert Ball,Virtual Meeting. Result!

This meeting was a first on this scale. 21 people asked and were invited to participate in the meet on Zoom. Only one failed to get in to the meeting ( by losing the invite) All the regular Albert Ball attendees were there which was good and it was decided to allow a few others […]

Morgan Three Wheeler holiday on the Isle of Man

Morgan Three Wheeler holiday on The Isle of Man 2021 This year’s holiday unfortunately had to be cancelled. We have recently finalised a rescheduling of this popular event. Only one person has had to drop out of this popular trip. All our 45 rooms are booked (with members coming from all over the world) and […]

A new Morgan podcast

Why not have a listen to the new Morgan Motor Company podcast hosted by Alex Goy. A M3W owner himself, this first episode features Alex talking to Steve Morris about his life at the company, but more interestedly for us, about how the new three wheeler came into being. You don’t have to subscribe once […]

Updated Events Calendar

Video Chat from the Chairman

  With the lockdown we can’t socialise in the normal way so with the help of Bill Critchlow I’ve created a short “Chairman’s Chat” on YouTube:I hope this way I can keep members engaged. If I get positive feedback I will produce some more ambitious videos about our cars and perhaps the members of the […]

New YouTube channel for 5-Speeders, from Phil Bleazey

Phil Bleazey, a well-known 5 Speeder owner and developer/supplier of upgrades, specifically for the 5 speeder Morgans, has recently created his own YouTube channel of how-to videos. It’s a must for anyone who is considering having one of the upgrades, or is just interested in how these cars can be developed. Well worth a look.

A taste of things to come!

A look back at some of the events from last year – a selection of great photos from the website library (in no particular order).               A taste of things to come and more when this is all done!  Click on the links for the articles. Old and new at the […]

Morgan Word Search

MORGAN WORDSEARCH    Originally used as a test at one of the controls on the 2001 Night Trial.                    Compiled by Julia Critchlow             Kindly sent from Dave Anscombe 53 Morgan-related words                     […]

The Virtual Opening Run

Today was supposed to be our club Opening Run but, as with this year’s Grand National, I guess we will have to make do with a virtual event.   I guess we could all jack up our cars, put a TV on the bonnet with a suitable video playing and pretend to drive out in the […]

Your Bulletin Needs You!

Not sure what to do now we are confined to barracks – your bulletin needs you.                                                        Time to get creative! From your Editor,  Julian Vincent: It’s clear that the […]

All events and meetings cancelled until further notice

We hope that members can keep in touch electronically – don’t forget our Facebook page! Please, please, please don’t be tempted to have informal gatherings in contravention to Government instructions – you know it makes sense.