A ‘new’ car up and running

Club member Rob Davies has recently been restoring a 1934 Sports and his car is now up and running! Rob has been sharing some videos of the latter part of the rebuild on Talk Morgan – see the links below to have a look.  Also included is an interesting video of Colin Wilson talking about buying his […]

Hooray, your June Bulletin is now online!

Sadly, none of the reports and photos of events that would grace a normal June Bulletin but loads of interest of a more practical and historical nature. Sadly too, an obituary for Andy Perry-Keene a Midlands legend, but many happy memories live on in the memories of those who knew him. There are several rebuild […]

The IOM Experience and Virtual Meet

IOM Event Organiser Ian Parkinson writes:   On Thursday 21st May around 45 Morgan Three Wheelers Old and New would have been arriving in Liverpool for an overnight stay prior to sailing to Douglas on Friday morning for a week on the Isle of Man. Like many other events Covid 19 put paid to that. […]

The REAL Anorak Quiz

This quiz is intended to plumb the depths of your abstruse motoring knowledge. I constructed much of it from memory as a means of relieving the tedium of a series of long motorway journeys (which may show something of the sort of mind I have). I don’t expect many people to score very highly and […]

COVID-19 and the Competition Scene

As everyone knows, the competition scene is closed for the time being. We’ve received news from our Competition Secretary, Tony Pearson of the latest information from the ACU. Although there may be a limited return to motor sport, no spectators will be allowed at circuits or venues for the foreseeable future. Remember too that our […]

A couple of good reads

As I’m sure most of you are aware sadly Sir Stirling Moss recently passed away. Whilst looking in one of the old bulletins, I came across this article about his involvement with a Morgan three-wheeler at the beginning of his driving career and thought It might make some interesting reading. The Morgan 5-speeder liaison officer […]

Raising a Glass to the Fallen – VE Day Celebrations 2020

A super photo from Graham and Kathy Slater. Sent to us by the Bulletin Editor. “Raising a glass to the fallen and veterans on the 75th Anniversary of VE day.”    

Andy Perry-Keene

From Dave Anscombe: I regret to inform you of the sad news that Andy Perry-Keene has died. Having had his first Mog at 16, he was a long-time stalwart of the MTWC and, in latter years, the Stourbridge Pre-War Car Club. His family have asked if it would be possible for Morgan three-wheeler/s to lead […]

The Morgan Simulator

 I have discovered that my suggestion for a Morgan simulator wasn’t a new idea.  The attached was published in the Bulletin in 1968. With the possible addition of a modern video screen, this could provide an even more realistic experience. A possible project during lockdown? Best wishes,       Dave Anscombe

Albert Ball,Virtual Meeting. Result!

This meeting was a first on this scale. 21 people asked and were invited to participate in the meet on Zoom. Only one failed to get in to the meeting ( by losing the invite) All the regular Albert Ball attendees were there which was good and it was decided to allow a few others […]

Morgan Three Wheeler holiday on the Isle of Man

Morgan Three Wheeler holiday on The Isle of Man 2021 This year’s holiday unfortunately had to be cancelled. We have recently finalised a rescheduling of this popular event. Only one person has had to drop out of this popular trip. All our 45 rooms are booked (with members coming from all over the world) and […]


  Well, we are living in crazy times if the behaviour of some of our politicians is anything to go by (excepting Jacinda Ardern of course), something that provides balance and perspective for those moments of self doubt when we might think we Morgan owners ourselves were actually crazy. Still, enough of these reflections. On […]

A new Morgan podcast

Why not have a listen to the new Morgan Motor Company podcast hosted by Alex Goy. A M3W owner himself, this first episode features Alex talking to Steve Morris about his life at the company, but more interestedly for us, about how the new three wheeler came into being. You don’t have to subscribe once […]

Updated Events Calendar

Video Chat from the Chairman

  With the lockdown we can’t socialise in the normal way so with the help of Bill Critchlow I’ve created a short “Chairman’s Chat” on YouTube:I hope this way I can keep members engaged. If I get positive feedback I will produce some more ambitious videos about our cars and perhaps the members of the […]

New YouTube channel for 5-Speeders, from Phil Bleazey

Phil Bleazey, a well-known 5 Speeder owner and developer/supplier of upgrades, specifically for the 5 speeder Morgans, has recently created his own YouTube channel of how-to videos. It’s a must for anyone who is considering having one of the upgrades, or is just interested in how these cars can be developed. Well worth a look.

A taste of things to come!

A look back at some of the events from last year – a selection of great photos from the website library (in no particular order).               A taste of things to come and more when this is all done!  Click on the links for the articles. Old and new at the […]

Morgan Word Search

MORGAN WORDSEARCH    Originally used as a test at one of the controls on the 2001 Night Trial.                    Compiled by Julia Critchlow             Kindly sent from Dave Anscombe 53 Morgan-related words                     […]

The Virtual Opening Run

Today was supposed to be our club Opening Run but, as with this year’s Grand National, I guess we will have to make do with a virtual event.   I guess we could all jack up our cars, put a TV on the bonnet with a suitable video playing and pretend to drive out in the […]

Your Bulletin Needs You!

Not sure what to do now we are confined to barracks – your bulletin needs you.                                                        Time to get creative! From your Editor,  Julian Vincent: It’s clear that the […]

All events and meetings cancelled until further notice

We hope that members can keep in touch electronically – don’t forget our Facebook page! Please, please, please don’t be tempted to have informal gatherings in contravention to Government instructions – you know it makes sense.  

Now for some good news

Holly and subsequently Scott Davies borrowed Andrew Morison’s 1934 Super Sports JAP through the Classic Car Loan Scheme over the last two years. Mabel presented a few minor trials and tribulations but more often provided great fun and became an integral part of the Davies/Cornish Family. Last weekend, Lancs & Lakes Group member Steve Finch […]

Cancellation of Events and Meetings

IMPORTANT NOTICE Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Extraordinary General Meeting Owing to government advice to avoid all unnecessary travel and personal contact, the adjourned Club Extraordinary General Meeting which was planned for 19th of April will not take place. A suitable date will be advised when this is possible. PLEASE THEREFORE IGNORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THIS MEETING CONTAINED […]


Opening Run – 5th April 2020 – Cancelled We have been contacted by the volunteers who run the Pitstone Museum who are obviously very concerned about the escalation of COVID-19 and the potential risk they would be putting themselves and our members to if we were to continue with the planned Opening Run. We have therefore […]

The Club Library Catalogue is Online Now!

The Morgan Three Wheeler Club has an extensive collection of drawings and documents which have been gathered together over the years. Librarians past and present have painstakingly catalogued almost 1300 of these and well over 450 engineering drawings and company documents have been scanned, cleaned and uploaded to this website so that club members can […]

Update – M3W Special invite

News from Ian Parkinson For any M3W Owners who may be interested: Our French friend Guy Dano, Secretary of The Morgan Club De France, has been in touch. This years Le Mans Classic is on 3rd to 5th July and the Morgan Club de France have decided to make a special invitation to M3W ( five-speeder) […]

Trans – India Challenge Has Now Begun

3,500 miles across India in a Morgan Three-wheeler to raise £200,000. The arduous journey across India in a M3W has begun. Find out all about it on their website and follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter.    

News! 3-Wheeler for loan

From Steve Lister Strongly influenced by the way Holly and Scott Davies have enthusiastically used and looked after Andrew Morison’s Super Sports “Mabel”, Club member John Snell has added his nicely restored 1933 Matchless Sports to the Classic Car Loan Scheme for 2020.                         […]

Morgans at Madresfield

As part of our club’s 75th anniversary celebrations this year, we will be holding a gymkhana at Madresfield Court, just outside Malvern Link, on the Sunday of the AGM weekend.    From the 1920s, the long drive behind the house was used for speed trials and HFS Morgan himself competed there.  In the 1950s, the […]

Chateau Impney – a sad loss

It’s sad to have to report, that after five years Chateau Impney have announced they are no longer hosting the annual hill climb event. “We set out: to create memorable experiences which consistently exceeded expectations, to create an event that felt exclusive but was incredibly inclusive and to deliver an event worthy of a recognisable […]

Albert Ball Memorial Run 2020

    The 2020 Albert Ball Memorial Run for 2, 3 and 5-speed Three Wheelers will take place on Thursday 30th April – Sun 3rd May. We will be basing ourselves in Diksmuide, Belgium at the ‘t Withuis Hotel which has been reserved for this event. Thur 30th April Gather at the Premier Inn, Eureka […]

Books and Manuals

Just a reminder that the club has, for sale, a collection of books and manuals – a must if you are thinking about buying a Three-Wheeler Morgan or just looking for a bit more background information.                         Two of the more recent publications. The […]

Updated calendar of club events

                      Here’s a list of some of the events on the club calendar for 2020. (To see the full Events Calendar including Social meets, Group Meetings and Sporting events – click here) Click to see full size

Night Trial 2020 Update

 Night Trial 2015 From Steve Lister Following my note in the Bulletin last September, […]

New MTWC YouTube Channel

Great News! The Morgan Three Wheeler Club now has its own YouTube channel.   Although still in its infancy I’m sure it will soon grow into a great resource and advertisement for the club. Why not have a look and subscribe to it now, it’s free.  Click here to take a look.    

January Events

​ The MCC Exeter Trial 3rd,4th January (170 miles)-New class for older cars Start from Hynes Motor Museum Sunday Scramble Bicester  5th January 9am to 2pm (pre-booking essential) VSCC New Years Driving Tests 19th January At Brooklands, the home of british motor sport.            

5-speeder Trans-India challenge

In February Alan and Pat Braithwaite  are set to embark on an epic Trans-India Challenge to raise money for Goonj, an award-winning, India-based voluntary organisation. The 3,500-mile, 33-day journey will take them across India and back.   Read all about their ambitious project.       

Merry Christmas Everyone

  We wish you a Merry Christmas! A card sent to the website by Ian Brett, our 5 Speeder Liaison Officer. The artist is Paul Rand

The New Bulletin Index is Online Now

Club Member Bert Varady took time off rebuilding his F4 to update the Bulletin Index. The index is published every year and can be viewed by club members who are logged in to the website. This valuable index was created by Nev. Lear many years ago and Bert took over maintenance back in 2017. The […]