The Night Trial in Brief:

The Time: 1/2 December 2012

The Place: Start and Finish Rackham Old School, Rackham, West Sussex. Click here to view

The Plot:

  • Route 125 miles in West and East Sussex from Rackham Old School 
  • 50 for dinner. Rabbit Pie, mashed spud and cabbage followed by hot rice pud 
  • 40 for breakfast 
  • 10 entrants 
  • 22 Marshal Points/Controls

The Caterers: Michael Joseph made the pie but many thanks are also due to Jane Joseph who did the rest with a friend of hers called Annie and they had support on the night from Sue Clark, Jen Pittuck, June Macara and Di Hamilton. Barbara Caroline did most of the washing up.

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How the night progressed (click on the image for  larger view):

The Night Trial 2012


  The Outcome:

Position Driver Navigator Car Points  
Robert Joseph
Howard Joseph
1930 Super Aero JAP LTOWC
John Joseph
Sam Savage
1933 MX Sports
3 Equal
Andy Brown 
Ruth Ross
1934 Super Sports MX2 
3 Equal Gary Caroline Robert Carter 1932 Super Sports MX4 119.0  
5 Cathy Quinn Tom Cowley 1937 F2 E93A 115.0  
6 Mike Sythes Steve Lister 1947 F Super E93A 113.0  
7 Len Critchlow Bill Critchlow 1936 Super Sports MX4 102.5  
8 Fiona Courage Claire Northam 1949 F4 E93A 98.5  
9 Mike Stringer Paul Rosser 1934 F2 E93A 97.5  
10 John Houlihan Richard Shirwin 1934 Super Sports MX2 61.0  (Ret)
L.S. Bolton Cup Crew with highest score 
Robert and Howard Joseph 
Stork Team Award  M Stringer, R Joseph, A Brown 
Graves Burton Award Highest Two Speeder  Robert and Howard Joseph 
Trevor’s Trying Trophy  Most Difficulty TO Night Trial  Gary Caroline 
Piston Broke  Most Difficulty IN Night Trial  Andy Brown 
South Coast Group Holly Trophy  Distance to Night Trial  Gary Caroline 

The Photos:

Many thanks to Don Stringer for these fine photos. To view the photo gallery, click on any of the photos to bring up a larger version. You can scroll forwards and backwards using the [,] and [.] keys. Press [ESC] or click on the image to Exit.


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