The Classic Car Loan Project.

FS 9817 Holly and James arrive at Curborough April 2018 2

The Project was set up around six years ago by Bob Wilkinson who was then the Chairman of the Ford Model A Club. The Morgan Three Wheeler Club and its members have been enthusiastic supporters virtually since the start.

The aim is to encourage the next generation of vintage and classic car owners by giving younger drivers the loan of a car for up to a year as an extended driving experience.

The borrowers are normally aged 25 years or older, with some level of interest and aptitude, and may apply for one of a range of cars. There are no hire or loan charges involved, just the requirement to look after the car as though it was their own. The only costs are routine daily maintenance, fuel and oil, secure garaging, and insurance.

Peter James Insurance is a key sponsor of the project, so insurance costs are very reasonable. Around £140 per annum for a Morgan Three Wheeler depending on the age of the driver and home address.

Three Morgan Three Wheelers have been available through the project. Paul Jowitt’s JAP Super Sports, John Snell’s MX4 Sports and for a full five years, Andrew Morison’s JAP Super Sports registration FS 9817. Consequently, six young people have enjoyed the experience of real Morgan motoring at very little cost – something that would not normally be possible.

There will be around twenty five cars available though the scheme in 2023 including Andrew’s Super Sports and the MTWC’s own 1937 F-Type – the newly restored ex-Gerald Carr F4.

If you, or a young person you know, might be interested in borrowing one of the Morgans please contact Steve Lister for further details ([email protected] or 01629 650933) and take a look at the Classic Car Loan Project website for a broader understanding of the project.