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Morgans at Madresfield

As part of our club’s 75th anniversary celebrations this year, we will be holding a gymkhana at Madresfield Court, just outside Malvern Link, on the Sunday of the AGM weekend. 


From the 1920s, the long drive behind the house was used for speed trials and HFS Morgan himself competed there.  In the 1950s, the MTWC held its sprint at the same venue.  This year’s event will be a chance for you to test your driving (and passengering) skills in some very mild competition or just come along and watch the fun.


The house and gardens are not often open to the public, and will be closed in September, but I have been informed by Martin Wyatt, my opposite number in the MSCC, that there will be a group of Morganists visiting for an open day on 28th April when you can view the gardens from 10a.m. and have a 1.5-2 hour guided tour of the house.

Visits will cost £15 per person and can be booked on http://www.madresfieldestate.co.uk/tours/list/.   If you do, under the section on the right, ‘Additional Information order notes optional’ please type in “Morgan”. They will then know that you are part of the group.

A pub gathering will be arranged for those who want a drink or meal afterwards.

Dave Anscombe