BARC Motors TV Donington 31st March

Sue Darbyshire, never the girl to miss the chance of a good race, was the sole Morgan in the Motors TV Live Race day from Donington Park and what a good day she had! The Grid consisted of 27 pre-war Sports cars including Bentleys, Alfa Romeos, Talbots a Frazer Nash and a plethora of Rileys. A good practice saw Sue qualify on the front row next to an 8C Alfa and despite the difficulty of getting off the line in a 2 speeder she held second place behind a 4 litre Talbot Lago eventually dispatching this before being passed by the Alfa and finishing only 3 tenths of a second behind it. For the second vintage race of the day Sue was again on the front row and had a very hard close race with the same Talbot Lago finishing only yards behind it. A superb start to her season!