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The “New for 2016” VSCC Sprint & Hill Climb Championship saw Curborough host its inaugural round.

A few Morgan based cars were there, but only one Three Wheeler, a Super Aero run by club member Iain Stewart. Iain came 2nd Overall and 1st Vintage in Class 14: Pre-1941 Racing Cars 1101cc – 1500cc. An excellent result. If you want to see all the results, click here.

Salome is a well known 4 wheeler, built from what started life as a 1928 Three Wheeler with a side-valve J.A.P. engine. It was converted to four wheel form in 1932 and has an almost continuous racing history since then. Now sporting a tuned J.A.P. rocker box engine, the car is campaigned by Phil Dobbin.

Salote was there too. A nod to ‘Salome’, Salote was built by British enthusiast, Roger Richmond and followed a period of his toying with both ‘two speeder’ Morgans and a ‘Nash TT Replica. The car combines the best known elements of both, mating a B Type Morgan two speed chassis to a GN rear axle and was constructed through the 1970s, with debut runs in April 1977. Club member Steve Lister acquired the car recently and reinstated a Blackburne engine to replace the Harley Davidson unit which had been fitted in the USA.

The Photos:

From Dennis Rushton.

VSCC Curborough - 1st May

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