Overseas Liaison Officer Bruce Campbell has forwarded the following report.

These pages are dedicated to our Down Under members, Group Organiser Terry Doyle. here we have a report on the Morgan scene from Terry.

Basically in Oz we have about 100 or so genuine Morgan 3 wheelers , starting with a 1912 circa one that has been in a continual state of resurection for longer than I can remember but I do recall its initial coming to light was written up in a very early Bulletin by Ken Robb and Neville Crawford . Ken could rightly be called the father of 3W Mogs in Oz as he got one in the very early 60s from UK and over a long period restored it . Murray Rainey was instrumental in getting the Mog for Ken . there were of course Mogs out here long before that , we think there is photographic evidence of one in one of the main streets of Melbourne in 1912 but we are yet to see the print.
The next cohort consists of Aeros and Grand Prix of the 20s , there is a nice GP in Ballarat with a MAG motor , which found its way to OZ from France in very parlous state and then went through a few hands to be restored in only 12months  and then sold to its current owner ,likewise in Queensland there is another GP under restoration by a clubmember, this one has a JAP w/c motor and came I think from South Africa again in a parlous state !! in amongst this lot are the dreamers and wannabees who in some cases have made quite good efforts at producing what they consider to be a Mog 3w .
We then get to 28 when we have one of the most interesting Super Aeros  outside of old Blighty. It can be traced back to its import in 28 ,its written up in Morgan sweeps the Board by DR and DrJA and has now left its long time ownerJoe Wilson for another keeper, who is also a club member .Unfortunately it has had a haemmorage of its 8 valve Anzani motor and hasnt been seen for some time . It remains in Qld .
Warwick has given you details of his Mog, which resides with his ferraris/loti,etc etc at his winery at Coldstream in Victoria . We then come to my 29 Super aero with JAP ltowc/s . This came out to OZ with a 10pound Pom  in 2 cases unfortunately one got lost so I spent about 4 years restoring it inc a trip to UK to get some bits that had gone astray and met up with all the chaps in the MTWC, John Holleran, Rev Adrian Murray-Leslie,Malcolm BullJohn Thoma, Chris and Marion Booth, Bick Bamber, the Clements brothers as well as those like Alf Kelly who are no longer with us. Ivan Dutton looked after me in London where we had a great time in his aero and the odd pub of course !
!That brings us up to the 30s and we have an interesting R type being restored in Sunbury by Brian Richardson not sure whether hes a club member but he,s waiting on me to finish his JAP off. That brings us to the 3 speed era , I also have under restoration a 3speeder of 1935 with a matchless mx2 and Dtype box , the bones of which I bought from Alf Kelly in 1969.
I forgot the 28 Aero in Qld which has a most interesting history being doused in oil and buried to keep it from the advancing japanese then dug up long after the war and raced in various local races in Malaya before being brought to OZ and subsequently sold when the owner died. Its owned by a real afficianado and his lovely wife.
Back to the 30s we of course have Johnnie Coombes out here with a few of his and Clarries old Mogs a barrelback and an f type owned by his nephew ? in Western Australia .
Next there is the batch of 9 Mogs that came to OZ in 1946, Terry Wright another real afficianado has written these up both in the bulletin and other publications but basically we know where 8 of them are and some have been restored others will never be restored under current ownership and one at least awaits me finishing off the few bits in his MX4 .There are a couple of F types around, 2 reside with the Don Horsey family in country Victoria and they seek another so all the grandchildren can have one each!!! Don was a long time racer of the F2 in his younger days in sidecar events and sprints
A lovely patinated family with MX motor lives in Yea, Victoria with Brian Ward, I recently had to put a new D type gearbox case into it due to fact it had been molested by someone who didnt understand the spacing reqts in a Mog D type box!!! I am still trying to workout how to save the original box , that it left the factory with but it is very badly distorted/cracked and miracles do take a little longer . Fortunately it doesnt do many miles and it was only when reversing that it blew the end out of the box and came in for surgery, thus curtailing further haemoraging of its entrails .
The most famous mog in OZ would probably be the barrelback Mx4 that was originally run by Cecil Warren in the 1946? Australian Gran Prix it now resides in Western Australia but it spent most of its time in South Australia after Cec sold it in the early 50s there are several other Mogs in SA mouldering away one of the other 1946 ones owned by Chris Harley and now driven by his nephew due to Chris not being as fit as he once was , regularly appears in the Bay to Birdwood Rally .Hope the foregoing gives you a bit of an idea of the Mog scene over here , we are a bit like the Yankee group ie with great distances separating Mog owners in the main, but we have had some very successful rallies in Victoria where we had about 10 3wheelers from as far away as Qld and the Bay to birdwood also attracts several 3wheelers . Terry Doyle