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Those of you who haven’t found a suitable source of plugs to fit the inspection lamp socket on the dashboard of your Morgan may be interested in this advertisement:-




Pease note that these appear to be the type with two pins of the same diameter (as on Land Rovers and military vehicles).  There are some early (1930s?) civilian sockets with one pin larger than the other.


I was lucky as, apart from early Land Rovers, these sockets and their matching plugs, were used on military vehicles at least up to the late 1980s and I spent part of my career with access to them.


These aren’t cheap but this is about the same price as Lucas were charging me for them in about 1985! 


Alternatively, you could pay a bit more and buy one of the truly horrible inspection lamps that the British Army were still using at the time (see photo).  This will be familiar to anyone who has seen what was commonly supplied with up-market cars of the 1930s.


Best wishes,   Dave

Inspection Lamp