Overseas Liaison

The Club has an Overseas Liaison Officer who is happy to help Overseas Members and visitors get in touch with the right contact within the Club for technical advice, spares suppliers and general enquiries. The Overseas Liaison Officer will also be looking to further publicise Overseas  Member activities  with pictures and reports appearing in The Bulletin and on this web site. 

To contact our Overseas Liaison Officer click here


Group organiser — Bob Courtney
Tel: 061 417 252878 — 

[email protected]

Report and pictures here


Group Organiser — James Dale Barry
Tel: 1-310 649 2796 that is usually left to the recorder


Group Organiser Alessandro Natali
Tel: 003 905 724446



Group OrganiserRoald Pedersen
+47 48 100 636 (no zero in parentheses)

[email protected]

Includes members from Denmark, Norway and Sweden with 33 Morgans, 2 Darmonts – plus 2 JZR and 1 Triking owned by Morgan enthusiasts. Due to the long distances involved, monthly meetings are difficult to organise so members keep in contact via a newsletter and e-mail. Once a year we have an Opening Run which has had up to 43 people and 14 Morgans, come and enjoy our hospitality

Lennart produces an excellent  periodical Bulletin to summarise the Groups activities. It contains interesting stories and pictures of the Group activities.  Read The Scandinavian Bulletin 4.pdf here.


Although there is no official group in France there are many get togethers during the year. The French Tricyclecaristes Club caters for Morgan, Darmont and Sandford marques. In May 2011 they shared the MTWC stand at the Vintage Revival at Montlhery and it was good to meet up with them all.

To visit the Tricyclecaristes website,click here.


Group Organiser Ulrich Middelanis

[email protected]

Includes members from Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Due to the long distances involved, monthly meetings are a little difficult to organise. Therefore members tend to keep in contact via telephone or e-mail. At the 2002 Opening Run there were 35 people in 14 Morgans and one Darmont.