Severn Valley Railway

Dave Anscombe, the West Midlands Group Organiser, hosted the club’s Opening Run at the Severn Valley Railway centre in Bridgnorth. It was a great success and over 75 Morgan three wheelers plus a selection of four wheelers came along, accompanied by their owners. We had two speeders, three speeders five speeders and even a two speeder four wheeler three wheeler! Dave would like to mention local member John Andrews who used his local knowledge to provide lots of useful contacts. We’ve got words from Charles Smith, the club Chairman and a few photos too.

Charles Smith: To open its 110th anniversary celebrations of Morgans The Morgan Three Wheeler Club gathered at the Severn Valley Railway – Heritage Steam Railway station at Bridgnorth. Over 73 Morgan Three Wheelers came from the very earliest 2 speed tiller steer cars to the latest 5 speed cars and even the future electric three wheeler. The Severn Valley Railway were great hosts with many attendees having fascinating tours of the workshops and nostalgic rides on the steam train to Kidderminster. What a great way to kick off the year.