Sunday 24th April

Opening Run 2016

Avid Polishers prepare their cars for the Concours

This year’s Opening Run centred around Crich in Derbyshire, at 
Crich Tramway Village.

The weather forecast wasn’t good. Luckily, the rain stayed away until the end of the day; some of us getting a cold – very cold – shower on the way home.

The tramway village had no other events on that day and welcomed our cars onto the site itself. We spread 65 or so Morgans (and related vehicles) around the site and spent an enjoyable day peering into and poking at cars, riding trams, eating pies, drinking beer and chatting about Morgans. Many of us had made a weekend of it, some arriving on Friday to sample the delights of the Derbyshire countryside, food and more beer. Nick Jeffery was in his George Darbyshire restored R type Super Sports, delivered the week before. It had not been on the road for 40 years. Greg Bibby unloaded his well-used “not quite concours” Super Sports MX2 at Steve Lister’s house and managed about 50 feet before the nearside front wing fell off. It spent the rest of the weekend “gaffer-taped” to the chassis.

Vice President Laurie Weeks and his lovely wife Sue judged the concours. They surveyed/peered at/walked round 65 Mogs plus Salote (Steve Lister’s Morgan based, Blackburne engined four wheeler) and one back to front single seater Reliant. 17 two speeders, 28 three speeders, 13 F types and 7 five speeders. The winners:

  • 2 Speeder- Richard Simmonite
  • 3 Speeder – Bob Angell.
  • F Type – John Mark.
  • 5 Speeder  – Ian Brett.

The Crich Visitors choice was the 5 speeder of Andrew Warren of Loughborough. Many thanks to Crich Tramway Village for hosting the day. Click here to see a couple of photos on their website.

All in all, a super event and many thanks to all involved in the organisation. Many thanks too to Ian and Maria Parkinson for organising the Club Regalia stall.

Here are some photos. Many thanks to the contributors.

Opening Run 2016


The Opening Run followed the 2016 Night Trial, run the evening before. Click here to see what went on.