Le Puy Notre Dame Grand Prix Retro July 2013

A report from Mike Guess:

There were 44 tricyclecars entered for the 2013 event of which at least 22 were MTWC members. All but one managed to get there. The single disappointee being your favourite photographer (Dennis Rushton of course) whose Super Aero was still suffering post-Amiens maladies. Almost the entire UK contingent, with partners, friends etc., managed to get to the Friday evening brief bar meet which was within ten minutes walk for most of us and made for a gathering of some 50 bods. We were joined by “Oily Pete” Loveless (yes, he’s still about) with wife Marie who had driven their Morgan all the way from Somerset (except for the Channel bit) to join the fun as spectators.

The usual Saturday run took us through some 150 kilometres of wine-growing countryside during which we were well fed, watered (and wined). Inevitably, one or two Morgans suffered minor irritations but most had an excellent run.

The evening festivities returned to the original format of a five course Gala Dinner with music, dancing and an apparently unlimited supply of the local appellation.

Sunday was round-the-houses day with each class, cars, bikes, sidecars and three-wheelers having four sessions of “demonstrations”, naturally broken by a two hour lunch break – well this is France! If you need to know who went quickest, it was a pair of F-types.

Special mention should be made of the Seymours, the Carolines, Gordon Naisby and two lots of Josephs who drove their Morgans there and back with great success although it did involve Michael Joseph “borrowing” the gaskets from Nick Taylor’s Family MX when his own gave way.

All in all a truly well organised week-end much enjoyed by all who went, most of whom had been before and all of whom want to go again……. And you?

The Sunday Circuit:

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Le Puy Notre Dame Grand Prix Retro July 2013


The Video:

With thanks to cliClapTV: an 11 minute video showing many of our club members and their cars. The video appears to be in an unusual aspect ratio which unfortunately affects the appearance on some PC screens. An excellent video nonetheless. Click here to watch it.

The Photos:

Many thanks to Dennis Rushton and Christophe Guillaumin for the photos. Christophe is the proud owner of the ex Oliver Brooke Super Sports JAP.

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