1913 Amiens Cyclecar Race Centenary

 Gordon McMinnies finds time to stop and buy his passenger Frank Thomas
an ice cream en route to victory. (click on the photo for a closer look.)


The weekend of 13th – 14th July 2013 marked the 100th Anniversary of the International Cyclecar Grand Prix at Amiens in France, some 90 miles north of Paris. The race was won by Gordon McMinnies in his aptly named Grand Prix Morgan. To quote the Morgan Motor Company’s website:

“The most significant victory of the early years was that of W.G. McMinnies in the International Cyclecar Grand Prix at Amiens in France. McMinnies and his passenger Frank Thomas won against strong opposition from many continental four-wheelers. This in spite of an enforced stop to change an inner tube in one of the front tyres!” 

To celebrate and commemorate this auspicious victory, thirty or so Morgan Three Wheelers descended on Amiens for a weekend of driving, reminiscing and enjoyment. You can read all about the race itself in The Bulletin (start in January 2013 and read on).

To take a look at some of the photos our members have sent in, look no further.


Many thanks to Christophe, Guillaumin, Ron Clements and Dennis Rushton for the photos. To view the photo gallery, click on any of the photos to bring up a larger version. You can scroll forwards and backwards using the [,] and [.] keys. Press [ESC] or click on the image to Exit.