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For Sale:

Circa 1928 Aero 2 speeder, (see photo) age related reg number, rebuilt last few years with new chassis, frame, many panels, petrol/oil tank and coach paintwork. JAP KTW sidevalve, water-cooled engine, 12 v electrics with new battery, electric start, and gearbox-driven dynamo. New mohair tonneau and vinyl interior, has speedo clock on dash but no drive fitted, light-weight car cover. Starts, runs, handles and stops very well. Car is in mid Kent. £26,000 ono.

Please email me for photos and to arrange viewing/ test drive:  [email protected], or phone 07710 442275 / 01622 891889. John Kenward (Membership no 7817


For Sale:

Readvertised at reduced price. 1933 Sports MX4 D649 (See picture) Fully restored in 2008 by Tom Cowley, essentially correct and still sound for regular use. Modern electrics, H.C. pistons with liners, improved original brakes. £27,500. Text 07747 540665 with your name and contact number. John Snell Mem No 3645 (Derbys)

John Snell
6 volt dynamo or alternator for 3 speeder.
Eric Eadon Mem No 2409
Tel Number 01709 379037 or

 Steering arms for an Aero, or another model if similar, or a drawing. Also front spring covers.

John Urwin Mem No F9741 Please text 07780381633 or email [email protected]

Cars Wanted 

By a new Member. A Morgan. M3W, twin or F type in need of recommissioning or work done. Genuine enthusiast. Cash Buyer.

John on 01603 720328 or 01603 722336 Norwich John Faircloth Mem No 11901

Parts For Sale
For Sale

Spare parts (See Picture) I acquired these components when I purchased a 1/2 completed Super Sports, a registered car. I am having a sort out of the garage/workshop and these are among things selected as being worth saving. I am not sure what they are but am guessing they are from the front suspension and hub system. My main motivation is to find a good home for them rather than bin them. Their value is that they are Morgan originals which might appeal to some.

‘Offers to Nick Broad at 01603712570 or [email protected]

Member 11437 I can then discuss the options with any purchaser and I might have other useful spares for sale.

Nick Broad Spares ed
For Sale:

1935 MX4 Super Sports Barrel Back 1:43 limited edition Model. £10.00 each. Contact Sets for E93A and 100E. Lucas 405070 Old Stock £10.00 each. New Morris 8 Brake Parts. 100E engine gaskets, rods and valves.  Springs and Top hose.

Please phone 01332 793191 Charles Pilbeam

Mem No 5519



Pr. MX 4 barrels, + .020” in parent bore but worn, no sign of cracks or repairs £350; pr. side by side con. rods £100; pr. forked & plain con. rods £375; two timing covers @ £80/£100.


Various original re-conditioned Amal carburettors for o.h.v. JAP and Matchless, flange and clip fit: e.g. Type 89, flange fit – 2” centres, 1 3/32” choke, single float, £150. — Type 289, New Old Stock, flange fit, 2” centres, 1 1/8” choke; fitted with twin float bowls – bottom feed via banjos, £375. — Type 229, all brass, clip fit, 1 1/8” choke, twin float bowls, banjo feed, £400. Re-conditioned twin float bowl assy., banjo feed, £250; also top feed twin float assy. £200.


M type bevel box with forks and repair castings, spring hangers, springs, good set of bevels, £750; new M torque tube flange £70; D gearbox lug £45; fuel tank mounting bracket for S.Sports £40; ‘V’ screens for refurbishing – one ‘high’ 8 ½” frame side, both side brackets, length of centre section (for S. Aero/R type) £50; pr. 7 ½” frames, r h side bracket  & centre section with missing bottom foot ( S Sports) £150; radiator badge ‘ Morgan’ – new £40/worn £15; mix of filler caps —  new/re-plated £20/£30

David Browne, Tel: 01507 534315 or: [email protected]

Gorse Farm, Fulletby, Horncastle, Lincs. LN9 6LA

Trailer For Sale

including Bulletins & Non-Morgan’s



Bulletins in binders complete 1958 -2006 Free…… anyone interested together with other Morgan paperwork from the estate of the late John Green. Contact Nev. Lear Tel. 01460 240978 e-mail:- [email protected]


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