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For Sale:

1925 Aero Morgan. (See picture)This is fitted with a 1928 1100cc Dog Ear Jap. There is a set of spare barrels (+.030) and some cam followers for the Dog Ear. It has a new bonded cone clutch. It is fitted with a ‘dynostart’, though you need to crank it to help the starter, the dynamo side of the unit is kaput so I have piggy backed a 12 volt Alton generator to the unit, it is just visible from the front of the car. I have modified the steering tie rod so you can easily adjust the toe in of the front wheels. I experienced a ‘down-hill tank slapper’ many years ago so I fitted a steering damper under the body. For you who knew him I bought it from Tony Bletsoe (Dorset) many years ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed driving it, it has never been a highly polished ornament, but a steadfast use anytime car. It comes with its own trailer, so you only need a number plate board and a towbar. £42,250 O.N.O.

Alan Ratcliffe email: [email protected] Mob: 07887598877

XY 6540 1925 Aero Morgan from Alan Ratcliffe
For Sale:

: 1931 Morgan two speeder eligible for vintage racing with dog eared 1150cc JAP engine Cameron built with electronic ignition, hydronic front brakes and stainless steel exhaust.

Are you brave enough to race it? (See picture) In my ownership it’s had re tubed chassis new wooden body and new knock on front wheels with new Citroen C3 brakes fitted.

To view call 07402263179 / 01743 718100. Email [email protected]


J.A.P. Rocker boxes – or parts to complete an air-cooled mod to my Blackburn Engine.

Sam Savage  Mem No 10272 44 Griffin Crescent, Littlehampton, West Sussex BN17 7LH



Cooper-Stewart speedo drive output bevel gears or complete/incomplete/damaged unit. Are you also rebuilding one or need these parts?

Tony Tebby Member No 5275. 01993 883456 07831 497775 or [email protected] Oxford Area

Tony Tebbit AdTony Tebbit Ad 2

Wanted for 1936 family,– Radiator, curved top, or square top, W.H,Y.”

Mike Goldring

[email protected]



Urgently, to get my 1928 B-type Aero chassis up-together.  Left and Right stub axles with back-plates for cocoa tin brakes, 2 tapered bearings (the ones that go through the bevel box to support the rear swing arms) and a bevel box top-lid.

Harry Watson Mem No 11159 Tel: 01924 478829 (Yorkshire) or [email protected] 

Cars Wanted 
Parts For Sale

For Sale: 1925 Anzani w/c ohv CCW engine for refurbishment. Substantially complete genuine Morgan engine rather than just a collection of parts. Missing pushrods, inlet manifold, magneto and 3 valves. £2000. I’d be pleased to take a 2-speeder steering wheel in part exchange.

Steve Lister. Mem No 5078 Tel 01629 650933 (Matlock) or [email protected]


For Sale:

3 Lucas Twin Magnetos, F Type wings, one F type cross head complete. One F type and one Plus 4 radiator. 3 F type windscreens of different types. One good N.S. front F type wing. One E93A and one 100 E engine.  Many other mechanical and electrical parts at modest prices. Please Phone Chas Plibeam, Mem No 5519, Phone Number 01332 793 191



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For Sale:

MILLING SLIDE unbranded. (See picture) Would suit Myford ML7 or similar, OK for light milling jobs. 4” travel. £30

Adrian Murray-Leslie Mem No 4457 Tel 07791594660 or 01246 819021 [email protected]


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