Morgan Three-Wheeler Touring Group News,
Yesterday, Sat 6th Feb we had a rather special meeting, which lasted 2 hrs and 15 mins. This meeting was recorded on our own Zoom Channel to enable us to show anyone interested at a later date.
We had two guest speakers, the first was Phil Bleazey, M3W Centa drive guru who has a great technical expertise. He gave us an excellent presentation on Metal fatigue and stress factors in M3W chassis and rear swingarms
The information was extremely enlightening and is going to be followed up by further topical subjects.
The second presentation was by Alan Braithwaite who, along with wife Pat took on a great adventure last year in their new M3W, The Trans India Challenge. The trip was not with out some of the usual M3W mishaps, fuel pump failure and drive roller failure. They took it all in their stride and did an amazing journey to support the Goonj charity. Alan gave a great presentation, I am in awe of the journey they undertook.
Should anyone be interested in watching either presentation we are doing two showings this coming week,
On Wednesday evening 10th Feb at 1900 hrs UK time we shall show Phil Bleazeys presentation.
On Thursday evening 11th Feb at 1900 hrs UK time we shall show Alans Trans India Challenge presentation.
Both presentations are around 1hr and 5 mins long and will be via our own Zoom Channel.
If you are interested I will need you to tell me which presentation you are interested in and I need your e-mail address all in a PM please. OR send me the info to [email protected]
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Here you will see lots of interesting pictures/videos and information on our future events. This site is proving very popular. Join us if you wish to.
Ian Parkinson, Touring Group