Please send in your pictures of interest. We can scan prints too.

Your Pictures Barry Davison at Kop Hill Climb 20111929 Super Aero JTOR “Tweedle D “
Your Pictures Barry Davison at Kop Hill.
Your Pictures Suave, Sophisticated, Supercool………………. these seem apt to describe this picture of TD at the 2011 North West Camping Weekend. Picture by Steve Uprichard.
Your Pictures Also at the 2011 Event, TD suffered a broken exhaust. Utilising a couple of jubilee clips purchased in Cockermouth, Steve Uprichard effected this repair. TD finished the job off with a Spanish Windlass securing the bodge to the flying wire using a genuine 1938 screwdriver. Bob Haynes reckoned it would never last the weekend but it was still in place a year, and many miles, later.


Your Pictures Steve Uprichard kindly dug out a few photos of his exploits. Here returning from the Night Trial in 1978 a major repair takes place on the M1. The engine had seized and so the AA turned out to take them home. Look how quiet the road is!
Your Pictures Night Trial in Leicestershire 1978.  Picture supplied by Steve Uprichard.
Your Pictures Some years ago this picture appeared in an April Bulletin. Supplied by Steve Uprichard.
Your Pictures A picture of The Closing Run 1992 in Saddleworth, around Christmas time. Bill Wallbank points to a possible way out, Trevor Gill looks on, hands on hips. Trevors old car HRO is in the background. Eventually a way was found round the step of rock, up the frozen stream and to the nearest pub.  Picture supplied by Steve Uprichard.
Your Pictures A run in 2008. Picture supplied by Steve Uprichard

The following pictures were kindly supplied by Dick Fripp, more, similar pictures wanted.

Your Pictures Lake District Camping weekend 1969. With Mike Kyles Farm in the background. Here TD’s very original Aero Supersports has just suffered a broken propshaft. What was to be the first of many!
Your Pictures Buttermere 1969. TD’s Morgan being repaired with Chas Reynolds’ in the background.
Your Pictures Irish National Rally 1972?  In the picture, Chris Booth, Charlie Jenner, Dick Fripp, Sandy Powell, Paddy Bassett, Dave Harman.
Your Pictures Can that really be a young Pete Loveless in the driving seat.
Your Pictures Lands End 1972. At the start of the Lands End to John O’Groats Run.
Your Pictures 1972, In Scotland en route to John O Groats. Five Morgans and one Velocette. Dick Fripp, Dave Fripp, Sandy Powell, Dave Harman, Ron Clements, Pete Clements.
Your Pictures Picture of an unknown SuperSports taken in the 1950’s.
Your Pictures First North West Group gathering in The Lake District 1964 or 1965.  Featuring Chas Reynold’s 1932 3 Speeder.
Your Pictures Boxing Day Run, taken in the early 1960’s.


Your Pictures A picture from Larry Ayers, circa 1950.
Your Pictures Another Picture sent in by Mike Strodder. Taken by Mike Duncan. It was taken near Ludlow and shows, from left, Bruce Rollinson, in the background Pete …………., Andy Perry-Keene, Mike Strodder, with Roger Orford the one bending over in the background behind what is believed to have been called the M1 Special.


Your Pictures This picture was sent in by Alan Sharpe. It was given to him by the second owner of this car that Alan has owned for a long time. It is pictured on a Trial around 1936 and is his 1934 Colmore Super Sports.
Your Pictures A picture from Mike Strodder.
Your Pictures Another picture from Mike Strodder.
Your Pictures Here we have some more excellent pictures from Barry Davison.Who do you recognise ? Equipe North Circular 1976.
Your Pictures Barry in ” Megan ” Chertsey 1973. Andy Brown in the background.
Your Pictures Barry in the Aero with Graham Chivrall in control.
Your Pictures Barry at Gaydon 1971.
Your Pictures Mallory Park 1974. Picture from Barry Davison.
Your Pictures Barry Davison at an MTWC Sprint 1974. In “Megan” his 1928 Standard.
Your Pictures Silverstone, The Winbow Brothers have a major job on with The ClockWork Orange.     Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures Santa Pod in the 60’s, Pete Thompson’s Anzani engined Aero SuperSports.   Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures Oulton Park 1966. A line up of 36 Morgan’s.   Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures Circa 1967. Sprint at Church Lawford.    Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures An early Grand Prix. Pictured at Santa Pod Sprint. The car was owned by Pete Loveless, notice the bald front tyres, apparently this car also had reciprocating valve guides. ie the guides were a loose fit in the heads.   Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures A typical 1960’s scene. Cadwell Park, with Brian Weeks in Pre – Modified form.   Picture from Dick Fripp.
Your Pictures Super Sports Aero, The car is now owned by Pete Loveless.     Picture from Dick Fripp.