VSCC New Year Driving Tests - 29th January

A Trio of Morgan Drivers Brave The Elements

Three Club Members (one of whom has yet to renew his membership!) drove a brace of Morgans at Brooklands on a cold, miserable day. Don Stringer braved the cold too and sent along some super photos.

To quote the VSCC Website: “The home of British Motorsport and Aviation once again provided the most idyllic backdrop for the VSCC and their New Year Driving Tests…. “.

“Idyllic” may describe the venue but the weather was cold, damp and miserable according to ace photographer, Don Stringer. 

Two Morgan Three Wheelers were entered. Anthony Jenkins and Gary Caroline shared Gary’s Three Speeder Super Sports and Angus Frost (hero of the Measham Rally) drove Justin Maeers’ Two Speeder Super Aero. Unfortunately, none of them featured in the awards but it’s understood a good time was had.