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TIC Day 1

Club Members Alan and Pat Braithwaite took on the challenge of driving 3500 miles across India (the wide bit!) and back, to raise funds for an Indian NGO: Goonj. They made it in their 5  Speeder TRlO MMC and got back to the UK in mid-March; just in time to join in the lockdown!

We’ve got posts on the website telling you about the planning but now the journey is finished and Alan, Pat and  “TRlO MMC” are back home in Suffolk. The journey wasn’t without problems: drive couplings disintegrated and the fuel pump packed up, but with the help of Krazy Horse and the Morgan Motor Company, they made it! A TV documentary is in production and we’ll let you know when it’s ready to watch. And going by some of the video footage we’ve seen, it’ll be well worth watching!

But you can already view videos and listen to the podcasts. We’ve put a few of the photos together for you too.

First of all, take a look at the route:



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