Tony Birks            V-Twin and F Type Handbooks

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Tony’s V-Twin Handbook is available from Regalia, priced at £12.00 including UK Postage – click here for details

Tony Birks F Type Handbook Cover

Tony has also written an F Type Handbook, available direct from Tony and priced at £7.00.  [email protected]

The ORIGINAL F Type Handbook, by Tony Birks.


The Handbook covers body styles and type, using original factory photographs and photographs of the three different ash frames. Drawings of the different chassis used, photographs of the three different types of radiators used and their style of mountings to the chassis. Photographs of the different styles of internal trim and hood shapes.

The E93A engine is covered with Morgan front engine mounting, removal of the engine from the Morgan, dismantling the engine and its rebuild.

The gearbox has its own chapter and is agreed by many members as being the definitive write up on the three-speed gear box. Covering in depth the removal from the car. Its dismantling and rebuild with an exploded diagram plus hints and tips, with a table of all the gear dimensions and ratios.

Both types of brakes are covered, the early Morgan Ford and the later Girling. With descriptions of their setting up and adjustment, again, with hints and tips.

There is a chapter on the front and rear suspension, again with exploded diagrams of the two types of front suspension. There is a large section with hints and tips.

A chapter covers the steering, with exploded drawings of the different track rod ends. With information on the track rod, draglinks, drop arm and steering column with lengths. Steering wheels are also covered

The electrical section covers a wiring diagram and a list of electrical spares. There is a drawing of the modified speedo drive from the chain wheel side of the gearbox.

Appendix 1 covers servicing

Appendix 2 covers the bearings used on the Three-Wheeler Morgan Ford Engined Car.

Appendix 3 Covers technical data on the Ford 8 and 10 hp engines.

Obtainable from Tony Birks for £7.00 including UK postage.

[email protected]