Buttermere Camping Weekend 21st – 23rd June 2019

james gill 1

Another super weekend at Syke Farm in the lovely village of Buttermere in the English Lakes. This year we celebrated 52 years of the camping weekend with a baker’s dozen of three wheelers invading the quiet Cumbrian lanes. It’s called “the Camping Weekend” and the majority of hardy folk did bring their tents. But the Bibby clan rented a yurt for the second year running. Bob and Flo Angell plus dogs big and small camped in luxury with their motorhome.  Dick and Audrey Dumbleton plus Steve Uprichard opted for the comfort of The Fish and Neil Blair bedded down in the Yaris Motorhome. A sign of the times with old age and decrepitude coming to the fore!

Bob Barlow had problems on the journey north with a loose oil union on the return feed which led to copious amounts of oil being deposited on the car, the road and Bob’s shoes.

We met on Friday evening to take of beer and food at The Fish and to discuss plans for the weekend and a run out to Ullswater was the aim for most of us. Steve and Val Hughes, plus son Ian and Peter Pattinson decided to check out a possible venue for a trip during the Great North Closing Run later this year.

steve u 3

Saturday morning, following the mandatory “big breakfast”, TD Green set about turning up a new clutch pivot bolt for James Gill’s Super Sports to replace the bolt which “beamed up” near Keswick. Alister Kyle’s lathe was out of action due to a blackbird nesting on the tool post, so dad Les’s lathe was coaxed into action. Bolt machined and fitted, we were ready to set off when TD’s Super Dream Aero refused to start. He decided to effect a repair rather than join the run. We set out rather later than expected but made good time over Whinlatter Pass to The Brackenrigg Inn overlooking Ullswater. Refreshed and invigorated by a nice lunch and some great beer, we made our way back to Buttermere. Inevitably, the convoy split up and disappeared in various directions. Greg Bibby, with Hamish navigating, made fast time and hoped to be back first. Unfortunately, fuel starvation came into play and a group of three wheelers spied him being towed to the top of Newlands Pass. Plenty of fuel but a tap at the wrong end of the tank! Bob Barlow experienced clutch slip near the top of the pass, possibly due to oil contamination.

The customary ice creams were taken at Syke Farm Tearoom where we marvelled at the new, high tech ice cream roundabout. Another evening of fun, food and frothy beer were enjoyed in The Fish and then to bed.

Sunday morning started early for Adrian Murray-Leslie who wanted to be back home for a massed choir singalong and Bob Barlow who wanted to get back to sort his slipping clutch. The rest of us left and went our various ways later in the day. Another great weekend and dry weather. Long may it continue!

Some photos courtesy of Bob Barlow, James Gill, Ian and Steve Hughes and Steve Uprichard