Cover photos from The Bulletin 2013. Click on the photos for a closer view.

The Bulletin 2013

December 2013:

Jim Nichol’s 1928 Aero “Murphy” playing in the snow in 2012.

The Bulletin 2013

November 2013:

A new 5 speeder pictured by Dennis Rushton at this year’s Opening Run.

The Bulletin 2013

October 2013:

Our cover compiler Bob Martins F-Super Sports outside a ‘pit stop’ during the Le Puy weekend

The Bulletin 2013

September 2013:

Long time member from Belgium, Hedwig Rodyn’s scary Morgan mascot, pictured at Amiens.

The Bulletin 2013

August 2013: 

A typical French summer scene from a previous Le Puy Notre Dame event


The Bulletin 2013

July 2013:

Bruce and Valerie Campbell playing in the sand on the Dutch opening Run.

The Bulletin 2013


June 2013:

Bob Towell’s 1924 JAP racer being push started at the VSCC Goodwood Sprint.

Photo by Brian Stevens.


The Bulletin 2013

May 2013:

Ian Haynes Sports Family looking wonderfully fresh in front of ‘The Wall’ on the Opening Run at the National Arboretum, Alrewas. 

Photo by Dennis Rushton.

The Bulletin 2013

April 2013:

Juan Carlos sent this old photo from Bonar in Spain showing his Grandfather and friends on a day out in his 1920 Belle Etoile Darmont Morgan. He was advised by a friend in England to buy such a machine.

The Bulletin 2013

March 2013:

Trevor Seymour shows off his very neat rear end at Brooklands on New Years Day 2013

Feb 2013 Cover

February 2013:

Nev Lear’s eternal F4 resplendent in its new red colour scheme.

The Bulletin 2013 January 2013: 

Competitors line up for the start of the Night Trial in deepest, darkest Sussex. Photo by Grahame Joseph.