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Sporting ACU licencing system for Club Members


ACU Licensing
To obtain an ACU Licence using the code you must be a MTWC Member. To apply for a Competition licence you will need to use the ACU online licencing process from the website  You can apply for your licence by post and the relevant forms/notes can be downloaded from:
If you are applying for your first ACU licence to compete in your Morgan you will need to complete a Competitor Training Course (CTC) and a Basic Rider Assessment (BRA).  The CTC is a classroom based seminar to raise your awareness of the National Sporting Code (Start Procedure, Flags, Lights and Circuit Procedure.  The BRA is Circuit Based and will require you to take your Morgan to a prearranged circuit to show an ACU Assessor that you have the ability to control it.  Details of both CTCs and BRAs will be available on the ACU Website