A few words from Pete Clews, Competition Secretary:

The 33rd Sporting AGM and Dinner 29th November 2014

Attendance was good with 51 members signing in for the meeting and a full Agenda including a proposal related to brakes and the introduction of a Sporting Formula for the 5 Speeders.  2014 had been a very good season with MTWC Morgans achieving success in all areas of their competition both in the UK and abroad.  The meeting expressed thanks to all the club members who had made the season possible by marshaling, helping individuals and spectating and for the financial support for Curborough and Cadwell which makes these events possible.  Special thanks went to the officials from the VMCC and our own club without whom we could not run our events. Gratitude went to our mystery donor and to Cathy Quinn who has raised a substantial sum to help pay for the CTC courses of new licence applicants.

Thanks to Lesley Reynolds for organising the Dinner.  It was a celebration which will be remembered for many years.  Lesley has it down to a fine art now with fun balloons, in Red, green and Blue, whizzing like rockets through the supercharged air.  The tabled competitors battle each other for the best shot and the noise of escaping air adds to the crescendo of voices.  It’s usually the youngsters who win and this year was no exception with two tables of effervescent youth showing the future of the Sporting part of the club will be in good hands. 

If you want to read the full report – click here.

The Photos:

Unfortunately, this year’s photos aren’t up to “Rushton” Standard. iPads and iPhones don’t function well in gloom. But thanks anyway to Ruth Ross and Rob Pike for their contributions – gratefully received.

Sporting AGM and Dinner 29th November 2014