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The Words:

This year, only two club members entered the event. Sue Darbyshire and Rob Pike both took part in their Super Aero two speeders. Weather on Saturday (practice day) was atrocious leading to slow practice times and very wet competitors. Sunday was dry and much faster. Unfortunately, Rob Pike over-cooked things at Pardon and turned over. Luckily, although the car was damaged, Rob crawled clear and suffered nothing more than a stiff neck.

A few words from Rob:

As for me, Saturday practice runs were both done in very wet conditions and I was running 3rd in class. Sunday morning was dry and sunny which led to a little over excitement from myself I suppose, and I rolled over at Pardon on the first timed run. (Should have at least waited until the 2nd run!)

I started it up last night and engine is all fine, the chassis seems to be straight so that’s good news. The radiator is not leaking, so hopefully just a case of getting the top off and having it repaired.  Steering wheel broke but I think that helped along with the screens and screen mount when the car came down on me, which I’m sure is why I wasn’t really injured apart from a few neck and shoulder aches. I’m told my head hit the ground quite hard and scraped along the track for a little bit. (good job there’s not too much inside!). If I can get the rad done in time, I’m hoping to be at VSCC Loton even if there are a few scars and dings in other areas for the time being! 

It was really nice to have lots of help and support at the time, particularly from Sue and George, and many kind wishes from other members too, so pass on my thanks please.

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The Hill:



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The Photos:

Many thanks to Dennis Rushton for his photos. Rob Pike sent a few of his dented car too. Click on any thumbnail to get started.

VSCC Prescott - 2/3 August 2014

The Videos:

A short video from Martin Joseph (Mogspares man Grahame’s brother). Click here for sight and lovely sound of Sue Darbyshire’s climb.

A YouTube video of Rob Pike’s inversion. Click here.

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The Results.

Coming as soon as possible.

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