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The first two days of August this year saw the Club’s annual Speed Hill Climb at the wonderful Cotswold venue.

This much loved event saw 260 cars climb the venue’s short-course; practicing on the Saturday and racing against the clock on the Sunday.

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The Words:

Four club members entered the event, which used the short course, missing out Ettore’s Bend. Unfortunately, Peter Kite argued with the armco in practice and bent his Morgan. Luckily Peter was OK apart from a little bruising.

Sue Darbyshire, Hannah Enticknap and Rob Pike were the other club entrants flying the flag. Hopefully, results will be available soon. Sue topped the Vintage classes on Friday when the long course was used! Hannah’s brother Ben was competing in the GN Special “Phoenix” and he set a new Vintage record on Friday.

There’s a good write-up from the VSCC too. Click here to read it.

The Hill:

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The Photos:

Many thanks to Dennis Rushton for the photos. Athletic though Dennis may be, he didn’t take all the photos in one session. The pictures are from Saturday and Sunday.

VSCC Prescott. 1st - 2nd August

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The Results:

On Sunday:

  • Hannah got 2nd Vintage in Class 13 (Pre 1941 Racing Cars up to 1100cc)
  • Sue claimed 2nd Vintage in Class 14 (Pre 1941 Racing Cars 1101-1500cc)
  • Rob got 2nd Vintage in Class 2 (Standard and Modified Sports Cars 751-1100cc Unsupercharged and up to 750cc Supercharged)

Well done!

For the Friday (Long Course) full results, click here.

For Saturday/Sunday (Short Course) full results, click here.

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