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The iconic Sussex venue once again played host to the Autumn Sprint. There were covered bays for each entrant – so rain or shine, no excuse for dusty or oily cars.  Three of our club members entered the event. Sue Darbyshire and Gary Caroline entered Class 14 – Pre-1941 Racing Cars 1101 – 1500cc while Pete Kite entered his lovely Super Aero in Class 2 – Standard and Modified Sports-Cars 751 – 1100cc unsupercharged, and up to 750cc supercharged.

Results were mixed. Pete Kite had problems early on but had a successful run in 145.24 Secs. In Class 14, Sue Darbyshire finished 2nd Overall and 1st Vintage in 110.37 Secs., followed home by Gary Caroline in 112.77 Secs., taking 2nd Vintage.

A good day for Morgan Three Wheelers.

The Photos – from Don Stringer:

VSCC Goodwood Sprint - 25th October

The Results:

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