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The Club Sprint took place at Curborough Sprint Course, just north of Lichfield. It was Round 4 of the Club’s Challenge Series.

This year the sprint was renamed “The Robin Rew Memorial Sprint” in memory of Robin who died earlier this year. As Comp. Sec. Pete Clews mentioned in The Bulletin: “We do want to make this a special occasion in memory of Robin and I’m sure he will be sitting somewhere aloft giving his own idiosyncratic commentary to an assembled audience and be explaining the intricacies of the JTOR.”

This year’s event attracted fewer entries than last year, mainly due to the new ACU Regulations covering 1 day licences for those of advancing years.

Nonetheless, it was a great day. No rain, no incidents and good competition.

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From Pete Clews – Comp. Sec.

“The Robin Rew Memorial Sprint” was superb with sunshine by the bucket-load, an enthusiastic crowd of spectators and  exciting competition.  We had decided to have a party on the Saturday evening, the usual BBQ was enhanced by my and Sue’s Ruby Anniversary.  Parties are becoming a feature of our events and even the ACU track inspection didn’t spoil the atmosphere.  There were only 8 bikes this year, partly because we clashed with a VMCC event and partly due to the limit on 70+ riders getting a one event licence.  This had two effects, more new young Morgan drivers entered and we had more practice runs; we even gained a couple of new members.  All the newcomers double drove existing entrants cars, Becky Washington drove my F-Type as did Jim Edwards, Nick Clegg drove Danny Hodgson’s car, Hannah Enticknap drove her dad’s car and persuaded him to take the wheel after a 15 year layoff.  Julia Perry drove Austin Smith’s car, Bronte Pearson drove Dave Hodgson’s TM car and a young Lesley Reynolds drove Chas’s car and The Scrutons were hot seating their 5 Speeder!  Mike Guess (he of “The wicked sense of humour” according to the lovely young lady from the ACU) and Laurie Weeks did a sterling job of sorting out who was who for the spectators by using a pair of binoculars!  John Minns came out of semi-retirement especially for the occasion and Ned Stephens worked through Saturday then drove up to compete in his F-Super.

Robin’s new book, “A Morgan-JAP Anthology” was brought up to the meeting for its release and sold very strongly with Alistair signing copies on behalf of his late father.

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The Course:


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The Photos:

A splendid selection from Dennis Rushton. The photos are in “car” order, most having a variety of drivers.

The Robin Rew Memorial Sprint - 5th June

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The Results:

click on the results for a closer look, then scroll down, and down, and down!

Curborough Results 2016 PDF

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