MTWC Sprint, Curborough 23rd June


The club sprint and the fifth round of the MTWC Challenge was at Curborough on Sunday 23rd June. It was WET!

A special message from Pete Clews – Comp Sec.:

“A big ‘THANK YOU’ from all the competitors to the club members who braved the rain on Sunday.  The members and friends who came to marshal, complete technical inspections, to commentate, help in the office and make the meeting possible.  Those who came to spectate, many travelling considerable distances in their Morgans in pouring rain.  Thank you to the VMCC officials and to the members who took part.  We do appreciate you. “ 

Notes from Pete Clews:

What do you do on a wet ‘wintery’ day in June?  Go to the MTWC Sprint at Curborough of course, where a party atmosphere prevailed.  Yes, it rained and rained but it didn’t stop either the competition or the fun.

Danny Hodgson was quickly away in practice – a little too quickly for the first corner where he pirouetted to a halt.  So apart from the Suzuki FRS in class 4 we all knew there was not much grip!  Greg Bibby made a welcome return with MTWC member Colin Seaton in the passenger seat to reunite the familiar trio of JAP 8/80s.  Danny Hodgson had the new Buckland Three Wheeler to drive as well as the Hodgson Racer and found little between them in practice.  Chris Harfield managed to get the Standard F-Super ahead of a few of the TM cars while Membership secretary Eric Bayley had a literal baptism of rain on his return to competition after many decades of “Resting”.

Lunch in the rain was early to take advantage of the weather and competition began at 1.15pm between showers.  Bill Tuer led after the first run but it was Hamish Bibby who finished at the top of the Morgan timesheet ahead of Bill and Greg.  Only the 2012 Suzuki FRS was able to beat the 8/80s, a remarkable testament to drivers and cars.  Further down the Racing Class Tony Quinn went very well to take 4th place with Alastair Rew the fastest 2 speeder pipping both of the racing F-Types.  Martyn Baylis brought the Super Aero out for the day’s sport and was very pleased to complete the event after last year’s blowup on the first run.

Chris Harfield had Standard Class sewn up ahead of Tom Cowley with the oldest Morgan on the circuit, “Maggot”

The TM Class was Cathy Quinn’s (52.24) ahead of father and daughter Pilbeam while Eric Bayley made 4th.  Cathy eased the pain for beating Birthday Girl Chloe Pilbeam by baking a cake which Chloe cut at lunchtime accompanied by a chorus of ‘Happy Birthday’ from everyone.  Charles presented his daughter with a scale model cake of the F-Type.

Rain dampen the spirit of the MTWC?  NEVER!! 

The Course:

MTWC Sprint, Curborough 23rd June

The Results:

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MTWC Sprint, Curborough 23rd June

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