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The Club Sprint took place at Curborough Sprint Course, just north of Lichfield, on Sunday 23rd August. This was the last round in the Morgan Three Wheeler Club Challenge Series for 2015.

Another splendid Club Event, this time organised by Pete Clews, our Competition Secretary with a little help from elsewhere. 

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Some words from the programme by Pete Clews:

“The focus of the event is to run a competitive meeting within the parameters of today’s rules and regulations but in the spirit of times gone by, where a more “relaxed” atmosphere prevailed. The feedback from previous years has suggested that we did achieve this and I hope you enjoy today’s event as much.

Whilst the initial idea was Sue Darbyshire’s who will be running the office, it takes a large team of people to make these days happen and I must pay tribute to all of the people who have given their time generously for this and other MTWC competition events throughout the season. Phil Reaney as Clerk of the Course, Sue Clews and Gary Caroline as Stewards, Phil Bridge, Dave Hodgson and Steve Kowalski, Technical Staff and the great team of marshals both around the track and in the paddock. Graham Marshall takes charge as Timekeeper and last but by no means least, on the mike we have the witty banter of Guess and Weeks giving us the benefit of their many years of experience!”

Some words from Steve Uprichard:

It was indeed an event in the spirit of times gone by. There were so many shared drives, loaned cars and swapping of spares that it was difficult to keep track of just who was driving what. Sue Darbyshire certainly did “run the office”, sometimes with a rod of iron. I heard her say at one point that if drivers in the racing class didn’t report to the start immediately, she would be “very cross”. They all turned up quickly! The spirit of times gone by was shown to great effect by Sue. Having melted the pistons on her racer at Mallory Park the day before, she brought along her rapid “road car” for Pete Clews to drive. Pete had blown his F-Type’s engine up on the last bend of the last lap at Darley Moor a week earlier. The witty banter from Mike Guess included a description of one member as “a large chunk from the North West Group”. We won’t tell them who you are though TD.

Competitors came from far and wide. Grahame Joseph and nephew Howard came up from Sussex. Membership Secretary Eric Bayley visited from Newquay in the far South West. The Hodgsons, Pearsons and Harfields travelled down from the wilds of Yorkshire and North Lancashire. 

Plenty of Morgans and bikes in the paddock and plenty of three wheelers in the public area too.

Club Chairman Adrian Murray-Leslie drove his Blackburne engined Super Aero from home near Chesterfield in order to compete and Tim Reynolds made the long journey north from Oxfodshire in his DTZ based twin.

On the track, Mike Sythes was reminded just how tight the hairpin is, showing his Super Aero’s underbelly on the right-hander on his first visit to Curborough for many years. Mike’s passenger, 5 speeder racer Austin Smith had quite a baptism to the older three wheelers. Adrian Murray-Leslie got lost TWICE on his first run, stopping at the Molehill to ask for directions! His Morgan was reluctant to start all day, requiring a tow-start before setting off for home. He later reported “Once we headed off, it was back to normal and it didn’t miss a beat, started second swing after a petrol stop. Maybe it just didn’t like Curborough!”

Ewan Cameron’s 10 year old son Finley was literally in a class of his own, completing the “short track” on his 110cc motor bike. He improved each run and had a best time of 43.30 seconds. Tastes of more Morgan things to come from Clan Cameron (once he moves from 2 wheels to 3).

A great event with all competitors having one dry run. Bill Tuer stamped his card with a rapid FTD in the dry, followed by Chas. Reynolds and Nigel Challis. Then the rain came down! Many competitors called it a day but some paddled on. 

Great photos from Dennis Rushton for you to look at – hopefully, one of each competitor and a few more besides.

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The Course:


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The Photos:

Great photos from Dennis Rushton, Dennis Verdon and some from Steve Uprichard.

Club Sprint at Curborough. A Splendid Event!

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The Results:

In brief  – Class Winners:

Class 1 MTWC Challenge – Standard Morgans
Chris Harfield – 1938 F-Super 1172cc (54.49 secs)

Class 2 – Morgan 5 Speeder
Graham Sherwood – 2013 S&S 2000cc  (43.19 secs)

Class 4 MTWC Challenge – Touring Modified Morgans
Danny Hodgson – 1934 F2 E93A 1172cc  (44.68 secs)

Class 5 MTWC Challenge – Racing Morgans
Bill Tuer – 1932 JAP Racing  1208cc (38.37 secs)

Class 6 MTWC Morgan B3 Driver’s class.  Morgans not yet registered under the Club Eligibility Scheme. (Green Card)
Steve Lister – 1927 Aero Blackburne (49.66 secs)     

Class 10 Double Drives
Alex Wilcox – 1972 Buckland Ford 1293 cc (46.67 secs)

For the full results, click here.

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