Robin’s Christmas Gathering 2017

Robin's Christmas Gathering 2017

Left to right: Gary Caroline’s Super Sports. Tom Langham’s Sports Family, Sue Darbyshire’s Super Aero.

Thursday 28th December 2017 – Upper Brailes.

Advertised by Sue Darbyshire as a time to “…..come and join us for a drink in Robin and Sue’s memory.”. A few words from Steve Uprichard:

A clear, crisp day with icy roads, warm hearts and good beer! Cerys and I dropped in on our way back up north after spending Christmas in Bristol.

The Gate Inn was buzzing with conversation as a surprising number of club members and friends gathered for lunch, beer and a chat. The lounge bar was tightly packed as we sat down to eat, drink and be merry. Four three-wheelers made the journey.

Sue and George Darbyshire brought their respective Super Aero and F Type. Gary and Barbara Caroline made the 200 mile round trip in the J.A.P. engined Super Sports. Tom and Kate Langham drove up from Condicote in the MX powered Sports Family (Kate sporting a broken arm in sling). Nick Jeffery made the 100 mile round trip on his BMW motor bike. Andy and Trudie Messent’s Super Aero was there too, but on its way home on a trailer. The rest of us weren’t prepared to brave the cold and the icy roads.

Who else was at The Gate? I may not remember everyone but Tom Golland and Kate were there. George is sorting Tom’s ex-Robin Rew J.A.P. engine so that Tom and Kate can go racing next year. Malcolm Wood was accompanied by his wife Kuka, daughter Caroline and their little white Westie, Isla. Phil and Maggie Bridge were but without their F4 which is currently undergoing a gearbox rebuild. Sue Clews, Alistair Rew and Becky Washington, Martyn Baylis plus Tim and Gwen Greenhill completed our merry group.

I’m sure Robin and Sue would have enjoyed the gathering.

Steve Uprichard

Robin's Christmas Gathering 2017 Robin's Christmas Gathering 2017 Robin's Christmas Gathering 2017