2024 Night Trial

Hi, I’m Tom Mould, you may of seen me navigating on the night trial with Ian Hughes or guiding the rear wheel into a target near Carsington Resevoir.IMG 7100

Some of you may also know me from Curborough when I removed John Blowers engine and made 3 new woodruff keys, from a piece of boat propeller keyway material.

I am really grateful that you noticed me at all, because it was thanks to a conversation in the paddock at Curborough regarding the Heritage Skills Academy and the possibility of an apprenticeship with them that changed the path on which I studied. It was only due to these events that I was able to embark on my apprenticeship with the HSA and become a student on the coachbuilding course at Brooklands in Surrey. I work with my Dad in our own family run Garage and restore classics and vintage vehicles. I only fabricate bodywork whilst my Dad does the mechanical work. One day I want to make my own Morgan and possibly race it. The Morgan Three Wheeler club sponsor me to study at Brooklands and I amMTWC Night Trial 2024 Tom Mould guidingthe Hughes F4 Rear Wheel parking

extremely grateful for this. The club has enabled me to establish myself as a member and reach out to the community and help them. Whether it’s helping Ian Hughes to navigate the night trial or fixing John Blowers engine I am happy to help and become more involved with keeping these amazing vehicles alive.