Morgan TOTH 2015

On Saturday 11 July 2015 the stunning Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb became the setting for one of the UK’s largest gatherings of Morgan vehicles. Sports cars from past and present delighted the crowds as hundreds of them tackled the challenging climb. With music, entertainment and much more to see and do, this was a ‘not to be missed event’ for any Morgan enthusiast and their family.

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From Richard Atherton, the MTWC Events and PR chap.

Morgan’s third ‘Thrill On The Hill’ on Saturday 12th July saw the launch of a new Morgan three wheeler, the likes of which HFS could never have imagined. On display was a prototype of their new ‘electric’ three wheeler looking odd with what seemed like a shoe box at the front rather than a V twin engine. The aim is to put it into production in 2017 by which time a range of close to 200 miles is aspired to. (Its currently about 120 miles.)

The Morgan Three Wheeler Club stand saw brisk business throughout the day with, once again, Maria Parkinson taking charge of the sales. Particularly pleasing was meeting Charles Kirby a (relatively) young man and a five speeder owner, who, after joining up, proceeded to tap the knowledge of Austin Smith for half an hour over sporting section requirements and improvements. I think we may have a new sporting competitor in a year or so. Austin’s “How to prepare your M3W for competition’ guide was certainly a hit, as was the fact that he had two blow-up dolls in full racing leathers sitting in his car. Just a shame the female one kept deflating, with Austin having to resort to ‘mouth to…’ well, something, to re-inflate her. We weren’t going to ask!

Austin’s race-prepared car was joined by Martyn Webb’s Aero and Bill Higginson’s Super Sports and, of course, they drew much admiration from the four wheeler owners.

Finally, quite a lot of excitement was caused by the new MTWC flyer about the forthcoming ‘Goggles ‘n’ Gauntlets’ weekend at Shobdon Airfield in August. Quite a few people ‘signed up’ for the weekend after having had a good chat about it.


From Richard Atherton.

Thrill On The Hill - 12th July

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