Lancs & Lakes Summer Run 2014
 The Morgans which made it to the Museum (click on photo for a closer look)
A Few words from Steve Hughes, Group Organiser:
A decent turn out for our summer run to the Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland with 24 members and partners in eight Morgans (2 JAP, 2 Matchless, 2 F-types and 2 5-speeders) a vintage Austin 12 and a few tin-tops.
There was a heavy downpour at 10am whilst we were all refuelling at Huntleys (bacon butties and coffee!) but that cleared up before our start and the weather was lovely for the rest of the day. We had to hastily amend the planned route when we found one of the roads closed when we did a check run on Thursday and that added 10 miles and 1/2 hour to our planned schedule. I think everyone enjoyed the route over the moors but unfortunately Roy and Margaret (5 speeder) got lost quite early on and had to bail out and go home.
Roy Lund had a bit of trouble with the Matchless but soon got sorted and managed to rejoin us in time at the lunch stop. The pub was very quiet when we arrived (an hour late) but it was nice enough to sit outside for lunch and the food was pretty good. John Brown turned up in his Riley to meet us at lunchtime so that was a pleasant surprise.
Some had to go home after lunch and we were running a bit late so only about 16 of us and 5 Morgans eventually made it to the vehicle museum. Pete Newham had come direct to the museum to join us for the afternoon. They had laid on a couple of tour guides for us so I think that made everyone’s visit more informative and left you wanting to revisit again some time in the future as there is so much to see there.