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Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon

The Club’s first training day ticked all the boxes: attracting potential buyers; bringing out some long term members with dormant cars; old and young; wives and families and many seasoned members also enjoying the learning experience. Judging by the attendance, comments and feedback, this initiative by our Chairman Michael Joseph, was a resounding success.

The whole day was action packed with a full technical programme alongside a driving arena where anyone, whatever age (the youngest was Amelia Sterry, aged 13 – see pictures), could drive different types of Morgan three- wheeler. The event provided the opportunity, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, to expand knowledge, gain confidence and inspire the restoration, maintenance and enjoyment of Morgans.

A full report by one of the participants will appear in the October Bulletin. Cameraman Richard Atherton was busy shooting a short film of the event to be shown at our Annual Dinner. Mogmag were also there taking notes and pictures for a future feature. (A few there learnt that he’d never been in a three wheeler. He has now! (Expect a good write-up in MOG magazine. We saw the grin!)

Thanks must go to all the tutors and owners who brought cars to share and also to the marshals who made quick work erecting the two sponsored marquees and to the ladies busy on the check in desk. David Browne had a Used Parts stall and the Parkinsons were again selling regalia.

News travels fast and with favourable reports flying around, there is much demand for the event to be repeated. Michael has agreed to organise another one. The format and subjects will change slightly but he says there is no shortage of fresh material.

The Film – From Richard Atherton

And here is the short film made about our Training Day and ‘Premiered’ at the AGM Dinner. (Click on the little cog if you want to watch it in HD.)



Members were so busy enjoying themselves that few seem to have taken photos! If you have any you want to share, email them to [email protected] and we’ll do what we can to include them.

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Club Training Day - Gaydon 6th September