A short history of the models.

When Henry Frederick Stanley (HFS) Morgan built his first three wheeler, he went for simplicity. The car only had 2 forward speeds and no reverse; it didn’t even have a steering wheel and relied on a tiller. As time progressed, so did the three wheeler, sprouting another forward gear and a reverse in 1931 (the 3 Speeder) and 80 years later, another 2 gears and a much bigger engine. The 5 Speeder M3W was born! Our club caters for and welcomes three wheeler Morgans of all models and years on the social and competition scene. Take a look at the succession line below and then read a potted history……


The Early Years… Runabouts, 2-speeders, 3-speeders and F-Types

HFS Morgan opened his first garage in Malvern made his first three wheeler way back in 1905 but didn’t make his prototype, tiller steered, 2-speed, three wheeler until 1909 and the interest it aroused persuaded HFS that his cyclecars could be a commercial success. The first Runabout was produced in 1910, followed in 1911 by the two seater Runabout with a more normal steering wheel. This was the start…. and HFS never really looked back and the factory on Pickersleigh Road was built in 1914 where production of two-speeders continued and new 4 seater models were introduced. Competition success in trials and on the racetrack ensured the company’s continuing success; the Super Aero represented the pinnacle of two-speeder development. Then, in 1931 the three-speeder made its entrance followed in 1933 by the prototype Ford-engined three wheeler (The F-Type) which continued in production until 1953.

We’re building up a small library of period photos of the various models which you’ll find if you click here. If you have a three wheeler that isn’t listed, send us details and a photo and we’ll see where it fits. Just email us on [email protected]. Until quite recently, the Morgan Three Wheeler Club catered for the pre-1953 cars; 2 speeders and 3 speeders including F-Types but things have changed and we now welcome:

The 5 Speeder

The Cars

Click on the photo to read about the 5 Speeder

Just over 60 years after the F-type (3 speeder with a Ford engine) ceased production, along came the M3W, with its S&S V-Twin engine and Mazda MX5 5 speed gearbox. So now we have the 5 Speeder. As with all new models, there were teething troubles; cracked chassis. bump-steering etc. etc. The Morgan Motor Company resolved these problems, as did a few devotees and we now have a healthy and growing group of the cars within the club. Such is the interest that there’s a 5 Speeder Liaison officer in the club to help with technical queries and a web page dedicated to these cars. Click on the title to find out about “The 5 Speeder“. M3W Owners who are club members can access magazine articles specific to the 5 speeder so if you own one and want to kow more about the workings and foibles – join the club!