Just over 60 years after the F-type (3 speeder with a Ford engine) ceased production, along came the M3W, with its S&S V-Twin engine and Mazda MX5 5 speed gearbox. So now we have the 5-Speeder. As with all new models, there were teething troubles; cracked chassis. bump-steering etc. etc. The Morgan Motor Company resolved these problems, as did a few devotees and we now have a healthy and growing group of the cars within the club.

We have a 5-Speeder Liaison officer in the club to help with technical queries and a webpage dedicated to these cars. M3W Owners, who are club members, can access magazine articles specific to the 5-speeder. Below are some sample articles and a copy of the full list currently available to members, so if you own one and want to know more about the workings and foibles – join the club!