MTWC Opening Run - Brooklands - 29th April

This year’s opening event was organised by Trevor Seymour who managed to gather over 70 Morgans together, including some of the original Morgans which competed at Brooklands in its heyday.

MTWC Opening Run - Brooklands - 29th April

A few words from 14 year old Adam Rarko:

The Morgan meeting at Brooklands gave many people the opportunity to visit the mother of all racetracks in England. It was here where racing became famously known and so did the track. The parade may have been small however it was still a nice feature to the day as it allowed those with their Morgans to drive a figure of eight letting the spectators get an all round view of each car. Following this there were the test hill runs, this showed some of the cars true capabilities, and spectators could also watch this. Some may have been unfortunate to not make it all the way however it still was a valuable experience for the drivers to get the opportunity to have a chance at driving up the hill with such reputation. A crucial part though for the drivers however was how they got to drive back around on part of the original Brooklands racetrack. All in all I believe that this event has brought more life back to this key historical place, I hope to see another meeting like this in the future.

And some from Trevor Seymour, the organiser:

I promised the Opening Run at Brooklands Museum would not be a static event. If you are fond of period photographs of old racing cars with bald front tyres and drivers in funny jumpers and hats, you soon realise this is where those shots were taken. The noise and smells started early on. First the Velocette Owners Club set the scene with runs up the Test Hill with their impressive display of motorcycles.

After lunch there was a parade of Morgans on the finishing straight which gave visitors a chance to photograph our cars in action. This was followed by the Morgan runs up the Test Hill. Drivers of older cars were advised to have a full tank and all fuel taps on and not to change gear. The steepness of the hill increases as you climb – just when you feel you need to change up is when you get caught out and can end up trying a very steep hill start. Most Morgans shot up the hill. The M3W 5 speeders had the power and gear ratios to cope.

The special display of pre-war racing and competition Morgans in front of the reinstated score board was much admired and commented on. These cars have not been together since before the war and there may not be another opportunity for it to happen again. Thanks to all those owners who went to so much trouble to get the cars there for us to see.


A selection of photos from Don Stringer and Grahame Joseph plus the M3W angle from Dan Severn. Thank you gents.